iPhone Hackers Notice Potential Nike+ Support

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The iPhone and Nike+It looks like Apple might be considering supporting the Nike+ on the iPhone.

According to Erica Sadun, there are two new folders in the iPhone directory that weren’t there before the latest 1.1.1 update. They are called: /AppleInternal/Applications and /Accessories. The file directory is similar to the iPod file directory for the Nike+, so I am hoping my heart out that the iPhone will start supporting my favorite exercise gadget EVAR!

All of this is speculation and those folders could be internal folders that Apple is planning on using for something else, but I am VERY eager to see the iPhone support Nike+


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  1. SUPA FRANKY Says:

    YES! I am hoping so. Nvr got an iPod… my iPhone is my first one and I always wanted Niki+ (My sis and bro in law have it and its nice!) I just ordered the Incase Armband 2! ^_^

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