The Road to Recovery For SLB+

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SLB+ and I have run many challenges together on Nike+. I had noticed that his mileage had dropped and then he stopped running altogether. Finally, I know why now:

“I had a long consult with my Physical Therapist on Monday; essentially I have; through running with insufficient cross training, unbalanced my quadriceps with my hamstrings. My IT Band is so tight it is pulling my kneecap off alignment by about 40 degrees.”

The race he was going to participate in is on hold, but he still has hope for one in October. He has decided to focus on riding his bikes until he is in better health.

It’s times like these when I wish the Nike+ worked with bicycles, because then SLB+ could still participate in the challenges.


Question of the Week: What would you do if you couldn’t exercise?

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I just found out a running friend of mine isn’t able to run because of a health issue. It has gotten me thinking about what I would do if I couldn’t run.

What would you do if you couldn’t exercise?

What if you had to lose weight or stay at a healthy weight without physical activity?

Which foods would you eat to make sure you stayed satisfied at lower calorie levels?

What if it was just your favorite sport? What other sports would you participate in if you were banned from your favorite?

Contingency plans. I always worry about how to make this lifestyle something that can last me the rest of my life. I always ask myself, “Can I do this for the rest of my life?” If the answer is no, then I change it to make it more livable.

There may come a time when I can no longer run or walk. What will I do instead? I need to have a contingency plan just in case so I can live this life for the rest of my life.


Bad Advice Never Ceases To Amaze Me

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Westin Workout

Two minutes. That’s all I ask. Two minutes of research. Really, is that all that much?

This article from the Wall Street Journal failed to do the two minutes of research that would have told us a completely different story.

One of the paragraphs stated:

“Runners looking to tour their next destination on foot can check out Westin Hotels & Resorts Running Concierge, part of the company’s RunWESTIN fitness program. At 26 Westin locations around the globe — including Beijing, Boston and Melbourne — guests can take a three-mile morning run led by a concierge. After a round of warm-up stretches, the guide will take participants past the city’s notable sites. Jogging strollers are provided for parents. Runners of all levels are welcome.”

Not only was it shoddy reporting because they didn’t include a link to the Westin Hotels:

It was shoddy reporting because a two minute search of their website would have shown that very few cities have this program at their hotels and the cost for the rooms that do, end up being so overpriced that you could BUY a year-long gym membership if you stayed at a cheaper hotel.

For example, I looked for a hotel with this running program in my hometown, Salt Lake City, Utah. This is what I found: “No hotels were found in the location you entered. Please search a different location.”

RunWESTIN not available in SLC, UT

Sorry, if I’m traveling to Salt Lake City, I’m not going to change my destination just because there isn’t a RunWESTIN hotel there.

Then, I checked San Diego, California. They should have one there, right? Yes, they did! When I checked the hotel daily rates, however, it was THREE times what I usually pay at my lovely Comfort Inn.


At $200 a day over a week’s stay, I would pay $1400 for the privilege of staying at the Westin and participating in their three mile runs. I could buy year’s membership at a gym for that kind of money.

So, if that’s bad advice, what’s the good advice?

I have quite a few options when I travel. The first is the hotel gym. Most of the time, they have a treadmill that is adequate. Sometimes, it’s just a broken exercise bike and a Tony Little Gazelle glider. In that case, I move on to option two.

My second line of defense is my gym membership. I’m a member of 24 Hour Fitness, so I can usually find a 24 Hour Fitness in the town that I’m visiting and go there for the same monthly cost I’m already paying. When I visit smaller towns, however, there usually isn’t a 24 Hour Fitness there. That’s when I shoot for option three.

My third chance at exercise options is contacting my hotel to see if they have an affiliation with any of the local gyms. Sometimes I can go to the gym with no extra cost. Other times, I have to pay a nominal fee (usually about $5 a day). When compared to the extra cost of $200 a day for the WestinRUN program, that five dollar charge to go to a local gym sounds great.

If the hotel has no affiliation with a local gym, then I strap on my running shoes and go running outside or around the hotel halls. I usually ask the hotel staff if it’s safe to run in the area. I have received brutally honest replies and ended up running up and down the halls, but I have also received great advice about places to run and even local malls that offer early morning runs within their doors.

In the end, there are SO many options for running that paying the extra $200 a day for a Westin Hotel is just bad advice.

Bad form, Wall Street Journal, bad form.

Via: Introducing: The News Roundup » Complete Running Network


Ask Laura: What do you do with your food journal?

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Click to see full size food journalOn the comments for Little Black Book to Keep Track of Yourself, Misty asked a question:

I’m sure you might have already talked about this…

What do you do with your folded up paper? Do you transfer it to your journal via transcribing at the end of the day? And then, what? Do you review how you did last month? Or is it a day by day thing?

I think part of why I have a hard time recording my food and exercise is that it seems pointless. So what if I ate too much yesterday? It’s done. If I record it, am I supposed to go back to it and make use out of it?



Because I attend Weight Watchers every week, I keep a really detailed list of everything that I eat. Part of the reason I do it is because it’s the “rules” and I like to follow rules. It’s a way for me to feel good about myself. Even if I binge, if I write down every morsel of food that goes into my mouth, I can still feel a little better about myself.

Secondly, I keep track because I’m forgetful. If I don’t write it down, I usually forget I ate it, so I think I have more points than I really have at the end of the day. The journal keeps me more honest about how much I really eat.

Lastly, I keep track of my food because I know if I have trouble losing weight, my Weight Watcher teacher will ask to see my food journals for the last few weeks to get an idea of WHY I’m not losing anymore. I have had my leader do that for me before and it really helped that I kept such good track.

Thanks for commenting, Misty!


Another Beautiful Hike From Two-Heel Drive

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Steep terrain from Flickr

Two-Heel Drive has posted another beautiful hike, this time in Butano State Park.

I love what he says here:

“The Butano trail map shows a little loop called the Ray Linder Memorial Trail — I figured they wouldn’t put somebody’s name on a bad trail, so I headed in for a look. It really is a nice mile or so of trail through a stand of young redwoods (and other trees, obviously). Whoever Ray Linder was, his trail is a nice tribute.”

Next time you’re feeling reluctant to go on your usual run or walk, check out the trails in your area. Take along your camera and you’ll have a workout AND a memory to last you.


Butano State Park

Google Map


Eco-Runner? Come On, Give Me A Break…

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There is a theory that things don’t exist until you have a name for them. A few months ago, when I went on my walks in the city and picked up the garbage I saw on the way, I was just a hippie. Now, I’m an Eco-Runner? Come on, give me a break…

I have been picking up garbage on my path for years, but now I’m embarrassed to say that I do. After looking at the website and all the conservationist key words, I want to hide my head. Me? Picking up garbage on my walk? No, must of been some other hippie.

You don’t need to have a sustainable lifestyle, leave a lighter footstep or even care one wit about the environment. Seriously, picking up garbage on my daily walk outside was something that I did for ME. ME and ME alone! I was selfishly picking up the things that made my neighborhood look ugly because I wanted it to look pretty. Sure, I can’t repaint the purple house down the street, but I CAN pick up the soda cans and fast food wrappers on my walk.

Wrapping the concept of cleaning up as I go with sustainable living and lighter footsteps just makes me want to stop cleaning up.

Via: What is Eco-Running?


Go For A Walk With Susan

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sun behind a cloud by kitykity from Flickr

Kitykity takes a walk every evening with her three-legged dog. A couple of weeks ago, she described her walk in vivid detail.

I love her calm and almost stream of consciousness description of her walk:

“It’s really getting darker now, and though it should be cooler, it’s sticky and hot after the day’s rain. To our right is one of the parking lots for cars, and to our left is a volleyball court and a basketball court. There’s actually three basketball courts, two more are off beyond the parking lot, and they have painted the ground of them all now–red on one, green on another, blue on the last. My guess is that kids can say, ‘Meet me at the green court.’ I never was really good at basketball. Now we’re walking up towards the baseball diamonds now, and the t-ball diamonds are beyond that. To our right is the junior high school that, if we stay in town, and I hope we do, our kids will go to one day. They’ll be able to walk right out our back gate and onto the school grounds.”

Next time you go on your normal walk, run or bike ride, look at everything as if you had to describe it in this much detail the next day. You’ll find you’ll have a whole new experience.


Timex Ironman iControl Watch

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If you haven’t already fallen under the spell of the Nike+ iPod vixen, then the Timex Ironman iControl Watch might peak your interest.

Timex Ironman iControl Watch

The iControl name has been with Timex for a long time. A while back, it meant that you could control the alarms, timers and such with the iControl stem. Now, it means that it’s made for iPod and you can advance your songs and turn up the volume with your watch.

Notice that it’s labeled as Made for Ipod and not Made for iPhone. According to this article from PC World, however, it is supposed to work with the iPhone:

“The watch is an advanced sports timepiece that also works as a wireless operating device for the iPod – and is compatible with the iPhone when that device is set to airplane mode.”

So, if you’re willing to be unable to take calls, it looks like it will work with the iPhone. Doesn’t that eliminate half of the usefulness of taking the iPhone with you on a workout?

Timex’s Ironman watches are great for working out. If all you need to do is log laps and time yourself, then this watch is great. If you would like something more like a heart rate monitor or mileage tracking, then you’re out of luck. At least you’ll be able to control your iPod, though.

Via: Unboxing the Timex Ironman iControl watch – Engadget


Question of the Week: How do you keep track of your exercise?

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I kept track of my exercise by writing it in my food journal for years. I never really kept good track of it. I used to just write the minutes exercised and the intensity. When I got my Nike Imara watch, I used to write down how many calories I burned.

It wasn’t until I got my Nike+ iPod that I kept detailed records of my exercise. Well, I didn’t really keep detailed track, the Nike+ system did for me.

Click to see full size

Knowing my average pace helps me try to run faster. Every time I complete a run that’s faster than my average pace, I feel a sense of accomplishment. That’s just one small component to the tracking that the Nike+ system does for me.

There’s no way I would have ever done this on my own because I wouldn’t have seen the benefit in it, but after experiencing this, I’m so happy to have this information.

How do you keep track of your exercise?

Do you use forms?

Do you use a spreadsheet?

If you aren’t keeping track, why not? What excuses do you use?

I know I had a million excuses not to keep better track of my running stats. I really didn’t see the benefit of doing it. Now, I am addicted.


Isagenix: Just Diet Hype

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I’m embarrassed by this. I am from Utah and seeing our “news” people participate in this commercial for Isagenix is just embarrassing to me.

They covered their back by talking to a real doctor who told them that cleansing isn’t necessary, but then focused on the short term weight loss of two people without a long term follow-up.

Where are the clinical studies? Where is the proof? Two people eating next to nothing for ten days is NOT proof.

Bad form, ABC 4 News, bad form.

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