Does Steven Tyler Have An Eating Disorder?

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Steven Tyler and Joe Perry on Rolling StoneSteven Tyler is the lead singer of Aerosmith. He’s known for his thin frame and big lips. This weblog assumes that Steven Tyler has an eating disorder.

He is quoted:

“I have to watch what I eat because I have this ongoing nightmare that I’m going to put on weight and end up looking like some of the other rock stars of a certain age who bounce around the stage. You look at them and think, ‘Oh my God, what happened to you? How did you let yourself get like that?’ I always call Joe Perry, my bandmate, and say, ‘Do you still weigh 145 pounds?’ “For God’s sake I still want to be able to fit into those pants I wore on the last tour. I just live by the motto that nothing tastes as good as being thin feels. I don’t eat regularly during the day and in the evening I tend to stick to wild salmon and broccoli. Every night before I get into bed, I do 250 sit-ups religiously.”

He exercises. He eats fish and vegetables. He works hard to stay fit, but the gossip rags assume he has an eating disorder.

Is this right?


12 Responses to “Does Steven Tyler Have An Eating Disorder?”

  1. Ellie Says:

    well . . . he also says he doesn’t eat during the day and that he obsesses about his weight. I dunnow, it’s hard to say from an interview, but not eating isn’t generally considered, uh, ordered eating.

  2. Dancinghawk Says:

    Also, that quote “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels” is a classic ‘thinspiration’ in pro-ana circles.

  3. Shannon Says:

    I have seen Mic in person,within close proximity,not only is his body one of the most amazing at his age it is amazing at any age.He does more than not eat & a few sit ups.Most would be able to recognize this if they were paying attention to how every muscle in his body is defined.Which means he is obviously committed to his body & his health.His body is clearly well trained & doesn’t need large amounts of food to run efficiently. Contrary to the lies people choose to believe, most of us would have better quality lives,more energy & less disease by just consuming fluids & one meal consisting of healthy choices ea. day.The only thing that is wrong with Mic saying thin feels better than eating, is that it makes others feel guilty for eating ridiculous amounts of unhealthy food and claiming they have tried everything & just can’t lose the weight.His point is valid,there are people that make a conscience decision everyday to live healthy & thin instead of making excuses,& would probably agree there is not a food that is worth being over weight for. Additionally, the people that do commit to a disciplined lifestyle are sick & tired of over weight, lazy, & generally miserable people making negative judgmental comments.Most thin people are not anorexic,just in control of their lives.Be real,ITS YOUR problem,get honest & live YOUR best life.

  4. Shannon Says:

    Forgive me for calling Steven, Mic, I meant Steven, but my same comments would actually apply to Mic too!

  5. Stephanie Says:

    What? A celebrity that doesn’t have some sort of eating disorder? Now how many papers would that sell? 😉

  6. iportion Says:

    I don’t know if he doesn’t or does there it’s hard for a celebrity. Ya they get trainers but they are forced by a media that call healthy weights “fat”.

  7. LornaAerosmithFan Says:

    Is it such a big crime to work out and be healthy?

    He doesnt and if he didnt its non of your bussinesses so just mind your own !

  8. adam drago Says:

    anyone who thinks he has an eating disorder shouldnt gossip about that, especially if you dont know. so dont you post crap on the internet if you havent even talk to (him) about it.

  9. Jordan Says:

    I don’t know, Mick Jagger said that he simply cannot put on weight no matter how much he eats, but Mick, like stated before, is also very committed to staying in shape. So he realizes just becasue it’s really hard for him to put on weight he knows that despite being skinny he can still be unhealthy.

    In Steven’s case I would be worried about the not eating during the day and damn, the emoional stress he must go threw. It’s really hard to say if it’s a dissorder. I mean some days I only end up having one meal, tho very healthy and other days I can get in 3 meals. As long as he is healthy, everything should be fine.

  10. sherry karaca Says:

    Steven has no eating disorder. God, those fabulous lips must weigh 20 lbs. oooh baby!!!

  11. MimiTyler12 Says:

    Oh Wow.. Tabloid Junkies.. Steven Tyler Never Had A Eating Disorder Just Because How Sexy The Man Is Doesnt Mean Ya Gotta Hate! I Think Stevens Just Makin’ A Point That He’s No Average Couch Potato Axl Rose He’s Actually Pretty Fit!

  12. nicky Says:

    NAAA I know many people very thin and they aren’t anorexics, but many of them have other diseases such as gastritis, and they forced to don’t eat greasy things or fast food, so they finish thinner than else people. I do not believe he has an eating disorder, throughout his career has been this thin, he had already died long ago..

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