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Garmin Forerunner 50 with Heart Rate Monitor, Foot Pod, USB ANT Stick at Amazon.comGarmin has just introduced the Forerunner 50. A fitness watch without the GPS unit, but it includes a heart rate monitor and foot pod (to track distance and speed like the Nike+ does). Best of all, when it’s available next month, the cost will be $213 (with additional $60 for the cadence sensor for cycling). That’s WAY cheaper than the next best thing from Garmin, so they are making huge leaps in affordability.

You can see their commercial for it here:

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When I accessed their website, they said that the Forerunner 50 has the following feature:

“Garmin Connectâ„¢ compatible (online community where you analyze, categorize and share data)”

This is what their press release said:

“When used with Garmin Connect(TM) — Garmin’s online training site — the Forerunner’s benefits continue long after the workout. By pairing the Forerunner 50 with Garmin Connect, users can automatically log their workouts, track their totals, share workouts with coaches, friends and family and participate in an online fitness community with similar interests.”

I can’t find any other evidence of Garmin Connect online, so I’m wondering where the website is, how the software works and whether it is any good.

The only reason I have any interest in this is because of Runner+. It’s a website kind of like Nike+ in which you can keep your runs online. It communicates with my Nike+ and automatically uploads my runs into its website. The data is actually better than what Nike+’s website shows me. The founder of the website says that he is adding challenges just like Nike+ has.

Update 11-08-07: They added the challenges and they’re AWESOME! Come play with us!

The good thing about Runner+ is that it’s not limited to Nike products. It will soon work with Garmin Forerunners 205 and 305. If the Forerunner 50 uses the same system, then it might easily be used on the Runner+ site. I could run with the Forerunner and leave the Nike+ (and its buggy website) in the dust.

Via: Garmin introduces Forerunner 50 sport watch – Engadget


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  1. Ellie Says:

    I have the Forerunner 201, which is a GPS with no HR sensor. It cost around $160 and I luuuuvvv it. I can check my HR by checking my pulse, but this will tell me how far I’ve gone, how fast, and estimate my calorie burn (based on my weight, distance, and the slope). It has some nice training assistant features.

  2. Kyle Says:

    Hi Laura..

    Garmin Connect is targeted to launch when the Forerunner 50 shows up in stores; If you’re familiar with MotionBased.com, you’ll feel right at home in Connect.

    Right now we’re using it to power our zumo community ( http://connect.garmin.com/zumo/ ).

  3. pat monahan Says:

    I just got the top of the line garmin 305 for $169 at amazon. It’s wonderful. I had to use a rebate, but the check came in the mail today.

  4. manical Says:

    I purchased a suunto t3 with hr monitor. It has a lot of great information collected. It gets costly with a pcpod and gps pod… but I think it is a nice comparison

  5. Laura Moncur Says:

    I have the same problem with the Suuntos as I do with the Garmin Forerunner 205 and 305.

    They are too big for my wrist:

    The Garmin Forerunner 305

    Here it is compared to my Nike Imara HR Monitor.

  6. Mary Says:

    Compelling (and expensive) but I just found out from reading a review on Amazon.com that the software will not be Mac compatible until sometime in 2008.

  7. Laura Moncur Says:


    Dangit… That kills this one for me…


  8. Adria Says:

    I got the 305 for $250 online. $50 off on the website, plus I got a $50 rebate from Garmin.

  9. mike lewis Says:

    I got this just this week and was VERY disappointed to find out that there is NO mac support. If you have an apple computer, there is no way to use this product. The Garmin website only says, “Mac support will come in 2008”. Great

  10. Laura Moncur Says:

    Mike Lewis,

    Thanks for the heads up, man! I guess I’ll have to wait on this one as well. I have a PC, but I don’t want to have to fire it up just to use my WATCH.


  11. ANP Says:

    I’m pissed about the lack of Mac support, too. I was so excited to plug in my brand new Garmin, having decided to move away from my Polar HRM an not plug the nike+ into my nano, that you can imagine my anger (and slight desire to file an Attorney General complaint for lack of full disclosure …) when I find out that connect is NOT Mac supported and the Training Center software refuses to acknowledge the fact that my garmin device IS PLUGGED IN AND HAS BEEN FOR TWO HOURS AND I ALREADY RE-STARTED.


  12. HRMmatt Says:

    The History mode is wrong. The date is one week off. Garmin doesn’t know when, or if, they’ll fix this. Software leaves a lot to be desired. Don’t buy.

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