Someone Who Is Busier Than You Is Running Right Now

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Nike Women: Someone who is busier than you is running right now

I saw this ad at the mall the other day and didn’t realize it was an advertisement for Nike.

I have a love-hate relationship with Nike. I hate that they only carry uber-small clothing sizes. I hate their website. I love their watches. I love their advertising. I love Nike+.

There’s nothing better than a motivating Nike Commercial to get me running:

My new mantra is: someone who is busier than you is running right now. No excuses for skipping my workouts.


6 Responses to “Someone Who Is Busier Than You Is Running Right Now”

  1. FitClubScott Says:

    I’ve not seen the advertisement, but I love it. Not having the time to exercise is the number 1 reason coughexcusecough that people don’t exercise. Heck, even I used to use it as an excuse, but now I know better.

    How do I get people to realize that they can always make the time if they want to? Any ideas?

  2. Ernie Says:

    I think we both have a new mantra. Thanks for the graphic on that Nike ad. I’ve printed it out and I’m going to carry it around for a while. Eventually, it’ll find a spot to be posted where I will see it.

  3. ann sha Says:

    wow i made that add my computers backround i hopes and motivates me tomorrow

  4. rob Says:

    I also saw this in the window of the Lady Footlocker, was looking for a copy of it, and found it here. I coach a group of runners in Austin, TX (www.teamspiridon.blogspot.com), and it’s now on our website… Thanks!

    Keep doing what you’re doing – I like it!

  5. Mandy Says:

    AWESOME!! Thanks! I saw this in a store the other day and I loved it. I always tell myself I’m too busy. Put this on my desktop background so I have no excuses to hit the gym over lunch. Thanks!!!

  6. jill Says:

    You’re the best…I saw this at a Niketown two months ago and have been trying to find it online…Thank you!

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