The Road to Recovery For SLB+

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SLB+ and I have run many challenges together on Nike+. I had noticed that his mileage had dropped and then he stopped running altogether. Finally, I know why now:

“I had a long consult with my Physical Therapist on Monday; essentially I have; through running with insufficient cross training, unbalanced my quadriceps with my hamstrings. My IT Band is so tight it is pulling my kneecap off alignment by about 40 degrees.”

The race he was going to participate in is on hold, but he still has hope for one in October. He has decided to focus on riding his bikes until he is in better health.

It’s times like these when I wish the Nike+ worked with bicycles, because then SLB+ could still participate in the challenges.


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  1. Dana Says:

    I’ve yet to really investigate Nike+, but I know bike work and swimming in particular are great for those who can’t run for awhile. I’m wondering if you can get him set up with a biking version of Nike+? Just something on his bike to monitor his progress? Great blog by the way!

  2. SLB+ Says:

    Laura, thanks for the coverage. The good news is that the PT is working, I am on a 90 minutes a day stretching regimen. I am actually really enjoying the cycling and the extra range that I have on a bike, as opposed to running, (see my latest post on last Sunday’s ride), as for swimming well unfortunately I have the aquatic characteristics of a stone. I noted to someone the other day that the running had become a bit obsessive and that I had probably overtrained. I had lost my mental sharpness and I was showing several classic symptoms, so in addition to the physical harm (knees etc) there was the mental harm as well.

    I know there are a lot of people who would like the Nike+ to work on a bike – and I just added myself to that list!

    There have been lots of lessons learned in the last month or so and are never to be repeated! It just goes to show that it is all about balance; hamstrings/quads, cross-training and life in general!

    Hope to be back in the Starling Challenges soon, albeit at Level 1…watch this (well my) space

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