Jackie Mason’s Fitness Challenge

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This video made me laugh. Emmy award winning Jackie Mason challenges you to get on the treadmill every day.

“And you’re saying to yourself, what is he doing on the treadmill? I work hard and I do intense exercise. You see how fast I’m running now? Take a look. Could you run this fast? Nobody could run like this. You know why? Because I had to build up to it. I was originally only able to do light exercise. Now? Now, I move like anything.”

If you have had a hard time increasing your exercise, give Jackie Mason’s plan a try!


2 Responses to “Jackie Mason’s Fitness Challenge”

  1. Helen Chronister Says:

    Hysterical! Running may be bad, drinking water may have it’s faults, but laughter will always be good for the body and soul.

  2. Helen Chronister Says:

    Oops, my bad, I spelled “its” wrong.

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