Your Friends Are Making You Fat?

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Even the computer geek cartoon noticed the study that said that your friends make you fat.

I know it’s a scientific study and all, but I’m uncomfortable blaming other people for my food intake. If I were perfectly thin and fit, I would be pretty pissed if someone said, “The only reason you’re thin is because your friends are thin.”

Don’t blame other people for your weight. Look first to yourself.


2 Responses to “Your Friends Are Making You Fat?”

  1. emily Says:

    i never really thought of my friends being a cause, but my hubby…definatly. Luckily he also is why I am losing weight. He bought me lingerie from a online site (pamperedpassions.com) for our anniversary a few months away and so that night we would feel as sexy as ever we started eating better and working out…TOGETHER….it really does help….i suppose it is possibly to have the opposite effect.

  2. Crabby McSlacker Says:

    The study itself was pretty interesting. Like Emily points out, it works both ways–if people around you are losing weight, you’re more likely to do that too. It seems as though without even realizing it, we absorb what our friends are doing (and how big or small they are) and think that’s “normal.”

    I think it would be silly for people to “blame” their friends–but it might make sense to look at whether their behavior might be an unhealthy influence, and be conscious of making healthy choices.

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