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Polar CS600 with Power Cycling Computers W.I.N.D. at Amazon.comPolar is known for their heart rate monitors and cycling computers. Add to the mix an altimeter and wireless transfer of data to your computer and you have an intense piece of technology on the handlebars of your bike. That’s what the Polar CS600 Cycling Computer can do for you:

Unfortunately, if you want all that fancy stuff, you’ll end up paying almost $700 for it.

Bell SpinFit Calorie Bike Speedometer at Amazon.comIs it really worth all that much when a Bell Spinfit will do most of that stuff for fifteen bucks? Sometimes these gadgets look like they will help us, but in the end, nothing will make you ride faster on your bike except riding your bike. Whether you have a $700 Polar or a $15 Bell on your handlebars won’t help if you don’t get your butt in the saddle.

Sometimes gadgets get us motivated and excited about exercising or eating healthy, but other times they are just excuses. I’ll stick with my Bell Spinfit and type the mileage and calories into my spreadsheet on the computer. It think that small amount of effort is worth that much money.


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  1. B Says:

    I have a gunner GPS and it’s great! I use it for cycling and running

    I would recommend it

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