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Little Black BookIf you aren’t the sort of person who obsesses with Excel spreadsheets every time she tracks her food like I do, then you might be interested in this pretty and convenient book for tracking your food and exercise.

These kinds of products can be cool or totally lame and that depends on two things: how good are the forms and can you get more forms when you’ve used up all you have. Fortunately, the Little Black Book works out pretty well on both accounts. Here is a photo of the form:

Little Black Book FormAs you can see, they assume you’re counting calories, but you can use this form to track your Weight Watchers Points, your carbohydrates or protein. Whatever you are tracking, it looks like this form would be pretty versatile.

At the bottom of the form there is a spot to check off Dairy, Protein, Grains, Veggies, and Water intake. It also has a useful spot to check off whether you’ve taken your vitamins, supplements or whatever other medication you may need to track.

The back of the sheets are blank, you you can use them to track your emotions or anything else you may want to keep a record of in relation to your eating habits.

Now, can you get more forms when you use all the ones that come with your book? Yes, you can. The book itself costs $20 and will last you three months. A 3-Pack refill costs $20 and should last you almost a year. So, yes, as long as Little Black Book is still in business, you can get refills.

Does this book work for me? No. Right now, I’m keeping track of my points on a piece of paper that is folded up small. It’s discreet and I can put it into my wallet. I print these up myself using Excel. I realize, however, that not everyone can do that, so Little Black Book is great for those who don’t want to bother printing up their own forms.

Little Black Book is kind of large compared to a simple piece of paper

The people at Little Black Book were nice enough to send me one to evaluate it, so I don’t know how efficient the ordering process is. If you have had experience with them, please leave a comment and tell us how you were treated.


2 Responses to “Little Black Book to Keep Track of Yourself”

  1. Misty Says:

    I’m sure you might have already talked about this…

    What do you do with your folded up paper? Do you transfer it to your journal via transcribing at the end of the day? And then, what? Do you review how you did last month? Or is it a day by day thing?

    I think part of why I have a hard time recording my food and exercise is that it seems pointless. So what if I ate too much yesterday? It’s done. If I record it, am I supposed to go back to it and make use out of it?

  2. Adria Says:

    That looks like something I would really use. Thanks for reviewing it; I may end up ordering one.

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