Question of the Week: How do you exercise when you’re traveling?

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I like to stay at hotels with gyms. Most of the time, I’m pleasantly surprised at how well-equipped they are. There is usually at least one treadmill in working order, so I am able to at least get my cardio in. Weights, however are a different story. I usually have no idea how their weights compare to my own unless they have free weights. The weight machines are all different.

How do you exercise when you’re traveling?

What should you bring to make sure you can exercise when you’re on vacation?

How do you convert your weight training routine from home to the one at the hotel gym?

How do you factor in any extra activity you do while you’re on your trip?

Since my normal life is mostly sitting in front of a computer, I usually find myself hiking, walking and moving more when I’m traveling. I’ve never really found a way to account for that. What do you do it?


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  1. Kim of "Kim & Jason" Says:

    My husband and I travel about forty times a year for our business and it took us a while to get a routine that works. The number one way to make sure you’ll actually increase your heart rate on the road is to make sure you have the proper clothes and shoes packed. Then you have no excuse. We like to go on power walks in the new cities we’re visiting for cardio. We go on morning swims, if the hotel has a pool. One of the best ways to keep your activity level accountable is to wear a pedometer, then you can bum around and see the sites, and make sure you are getting all of your steps in. We’ve found that if we don’t continue to exercise daily, our stress levels get out of control, leaving us way off balance and riddled with Adultitis (http://www.Adultitis.org), the condition we happen to be traveling the world talking about.

  2. Crabby McSlacker Says:

    Some hotel gyms are really spotty when it comes to equipment, and you sometimes have to get “creative” when trying to do weights. I’m more of a machine person, so I’m pretty clueless when there are only a few free weights around. I’m sure the lifts I’ve “invented” to replace my machines must totally amuse people who have some idea what they’re doing!

  3. djrose Says:

    I am on the road three weeks out of each month on the average. I have been able to maintain a 6 day a week exercise routine. First I try to stay at hotels with fitness rooms, which is hard since I mainly travel to small rural communities. However, I have been able to find fitness centers or rehabilitation centers in town that will let me pay by the day or week, usually I tell them I’m in town for a few days and they give me a break on the fee. More and more fitness centers are willing to accommodate visitors. As a last resort, I travel with two sets of dumbbells, exercise bands, and 20 minutes exercise videos downloaded on my laptop. So far, so good!

  4. Jamie Says:

    When I’m really stuck without any equipment and short on time, I go simple – pushups, situps, leg raises, air squats, calf raises. I’ll do them in a quick circuit. It’s amazing how simple exercises can be so effective at making muscles burn.

  5. Jes Says:

    I agree, if the equipment isn’t any good, I’ll go to push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups (if possible). I also check the phone book and see if there are any gyms in the area.

    I usually look for a franchise b/c then I know what to expect.

    Jes http://www.visfitness.com

  6. judy wyatt Says:

    We usually stay at Bed & Breakfasts, so fitness rooms are nowhere to be found. We travel by train so we have to pack light. I pack jogging shoes and stretch bands. I go out jogging at least every other morning before my sleepy husband wakes up. With stretch bands attached to a doorknob I can easily do upper body workouts. Then we walk all over the city sightseeing.

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