How To Make A Bento

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02/12/07 Bento-licious Brunch from Flickr

02/12/07 Bento-licious Brunch by Aylanah on Flickr

If you liked the pretty concoctions from Bentolicious, then you might want to try it on your own. Instructables has a step-by-step guide on the art of Bento.

In the past, I have said food is just food. Sometimes I feel like that. Sometimes I want to eat something pretty because it makes me feel like someone cares about me. I don’t like cognitive dissonance.

Via: Craftzine.com blog: Crafting a Bento


3 Responses to “How To Make A Bento”

  1. iportion Says:

    I think bento style lunches are so cute. I haven’t made them myself. I am guilty of making sandwiches But my husband likes them 🙂 and that’s who I make them for. While I don’t have it, there is a little gadget that can make hot dogs look like an octopuses. Using a low fat or vegetarian hotdog would make it cute and lighter.

  2. k-girl Says:

    cool, i made my first bento today, and wasn’t too bad. i think that i’m getting the hang of it. it’s also rally colorful and healthy ^^

  3. k-girl Says:

    oh ya, it was also mostly fruit

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