Heart Rate & Accelerometer Control Video Game

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It looks like the folks at the University of Udine are working on making exergaming more interactive. They are using an accelerometer and a heart rate monitor to affect gameplay:

You can see how the game works here:

It looks like a simplistic version of breakout, which typically isn’t a very exciting game. What I would like to see is DDR with a heart rate monitor. The dance steps increase or decrease depending on customizable heart rates. Why hasn’t Konami done this?

Via: Video game follows your movements, adapts to your heart rate – Engadget


2 Responses to “Heart Rate & Accelerometer Control Video Game”

  1. Adria Says:

    I’ve thought the same thing about DDR; it’s quite a workout.

  2. iportion Says:

    I want one LOL to bad it’s not for sale

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