I Like Running…

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Great story from a runner about running:

Daddy has a sore foot and his son wants to know why:

“because Daddy has an owie on his toe”


“because Daddy tried new running socks and then made his toe sore”

“toe sore? I like running”

“You do, (the window opens for me to turn the table I think) why?”

He contemplates this for a second and answers…“because I can”.

Next time you’re slugging away through a workout, remember that not everyone can run. You’re very lucky that your legs still work, even if they feel like they aren’t working as well as they should. Enjoy your ability to run. You might not be able to do it in the future.


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  1. Sarabeth Says:

    How very true. I’ve not been able to run since I was 27. I miss the sports I could plan when I could run.

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