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02/12/07 Bento-licious Brunch from Flickr

02/12/07 Bento-licious Brunch by Aylanah on Flickr

Aylanah creates beautiful Bento boxes for herself and takes a picture of them to share with the world. When was the last time a simple meal of fruit, cucumbers and rice looked so beautiful? You can see the entire collection here:

Next time you’re feeling sick of your food, try making it a little prettier. The exact same food will taste better, I promise!


8 Responses to “Bento-licious!”

  1. Misty Says:

    Those are beautiful and inspiring–thanks for posting!

    Pretty funny–I had a brain fart and forgot who had posted these while I was browsing the pictures. So I thought ‘I bet Laura would think this a great idea!’ and I came back here and remembered you’re the one who posted it 😀

  2. Megan Says:

    That is SO pretty & looks so yummy! I love all the bright colors! I always try to set our table & arrange the food nicely on the plates. Presentation is everything!

  3. A Says:

    Beautiful! and yummy!

  4. iportion Says:

    I should start making my own 🙂

  5. Misty Says:

    I was so enchanted with this idea that I made up some for us last night. So fun! DH really likes the idea and is planning all kinds of things we can do with it. He’s thinking he can help make them and change his relationship to food a bit. I took a picture of the two I made last night. Usually it would have a lot more rice, and we don’t have a bento box yet, but it was still fun and will be a healthier lunch than we usually eat.


  6. Laura Moncur Says:

    Excellent Job, Misty!

    I think that container in #2 is really close to the traditional Bento boxes. If you look at some of the Bento-licious containers, she used the same ones.

    I loved what you did with the peas!

  7. Misty Says:

    I’m happy to report that lunch was a wonderful success! My husband couldn’t stop raving about them. We went outside and ate on the lawn (which I think is also a good Japanese touch–out with nature and all), and really enjoyed the lunch. It was more filling than I expected, and the food all tasted good cold–I had been a little concerned about eating rice cold but it was great.

  8. Tom Says:

    It’s just food, honey. It all comes out smelling poorly in the end.

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