The Future of Street View on Google Maps

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Street View on Google Maps is a new feature that allows you to see an image of the street on the map. Jason Kottke has been fantasizing about the future of Street View here:

I’m sure this functionality is coming, but when using the new Street View feature in combination with driving directions on Google Maps, I want a play button that drives me from the starting point to my destination, showing me the street-level view along the way.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just set up the computer in front of your treadmill and tell it to map out a route and a speed and you could pretend you’re running around the streets of New York? That’s why I started filming my Starling Fitness Walking DVDs so I could do just that. I’m perfectly willing to pass the torch to Google if they are able to pick it up.

For more information about Street View, watch this video:


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