Question of the Week: I’m Just That Kind Of Person

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What if I could convince myself that I’m just that kind of person? You know what I mean. That kind of person that just eats whatever she wants and somehow stays thin. There are people like that everywhere. Medical science conjectures that it has something to do with genes, but what if it isn’t? What if it’s a decision?

If you could decide today what kind of person you could be, who would you be?

Would you be a thin person who wants to eat healthy?

Would you be an athletic person who likes to go for runs and bike rides?

Would you be a creative cook in the kitchen who can concoct delicious and healthy recipes?

Would you be a naturally simple eater, choosing only the healthiest foods?

What if all you had to do was believe it enough and you would become that person?

What if it’s not genes, it’s belief?

What would you do to change your belief about yourself?

I don’t know if I believe the idea that I have no control over my body’s ability to gain weight, but I do believe that part of the equation is my beliefs in myself.


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  1. iportion Says:

    I want to be a kind personm I want to want to eat healthy. I want to be and athletic person and a creative cook. With me it’s belief.

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