The Dress That Sparked The Rumor

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Keira Knightly at Pirates PremeirKeira Knightly has been fighting the tabloids. They have been writing articles about her body assuming that she has anorexia and she has even sued a few of them. Then she showed up to the premier of Pirate of the Caribbean in this dress and the rumors sparked again. One can understand why. She looks painfully thin in this dress.

A photograph is just one moment in time

The truth of the matter is, a photograph is just one moment in time. There have been times when I weighed less, but my photographs still made me look fat. There have been times when I weighed more and I looked fantastic. This photo of Keira Knightly is just one moment in time. She happened to be thin at the time and the dress revealed that. Was she thin the previous day? Yeah, but no one posted the photos of her schlepping around in a t-shirt and jeans that she probably wore that day because they weren’t controversial enough.

It’s really the dress, not her body that was so interesting

Because the dress was so revealing, the press jumped on it. If she had worn a different dress, she wouldn’t have received so much attention. Anorexia is a very complicated disease and you cannot tell if someone has it just by their body type, just like you can’t tell whether someone has bingeing problems just because they are fat. In fact, it’s possible to be rather skinny and STILL have trouble with bingeing. Just calling someone anorexic because they are thin is just as discriminatory and hateful as calling someone lazy because they are fat.


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  1. Dani Says:

    I agree. There are people over 400 lbs. who are anorexic and there are thin people that consume 3,000 calories a day. Assumptions are dangerous. Very good blog. Thank you.

  2. Tara Says:

    Sorry, but no 400 lb person is anorexic. thats not even possible. to be anorexic is to have at least a BMI under 18.5 and there are many other qualifications. any 400 lb person has a BMI of AT LEAST 20 therefore not putting them anywhere near the realm of anorexia. if a morbidly obese person starves themselves then they have ED-NOS not anorexia.

  3. The Rotund Says:

    Tara, to be anorexic is to have a certain relationship with food and a certain way of viewing the body. It is NOT BMI-dependent:

    To be diagnosed as having anorexia nervosa, according to the DSM-IV-TR, a person must display:

    1. Refusal to maintain body weight at or above a minimally normal weight for age and height (e.g., weight loss leading to maintenance of body weight less than 85% of that expected; or failure to make expected weight gain during period of growth, leading to body weight less than 85% of that expected).
    2. Intense fear of gaining weight or becoming fat.
    3. Disturbance in the way in which one’s body weight or shape is experienced, undue influence of body weight or shape on self-evaluation, or denial of the seriousness of the current low body weight.
    4. In postmenarcheal, premenopausal females (women who have had their first menstrual period but have not yet gone through menopause), amenorrhea (the absence of at least three consecutive menstrual cycles).
    5. Or other eating related disorders.
  4. B. Says:

    Yeah! Thin acceptance! I like it. I hate the narrow, narrow range that women in the media are expected to (literally) fit into. Get “too” fat, get ridiculed, get “too” thin, ridiculed. (Can we call this the “Goldylocks syndrome?”)

    I myself am curvy, but I hate when people refer to curvy women as “real women.” All women are real women. There are many kinds of bodies and I suspect the call of “anorexia!” Is just the same old health-as-an-excuse-to-be-mean thing that is going on when people feel compelled to point out that someone is fat.

  5. Livvy Says:

    i agree with the blog, anorexia is a very complicated disease. Just because she is skinny does not make her anorexic, i have many friends the same body shape as kiera and they eat a lot more than i ever would. Also there hasnt been a dramatic change for her since she was a young star she has always been very skinny, unlike other stars who have clearly lost weight quickly and changed in body weight.

  6. Brittany Says:

    My best friend also has the same body type as keira but she eats chips and beef jerky all day, with a few meals here and there loaded with salt and fat. i however am 3 inches shorter and eat really healthy mostly vegetables/ organic foods and excercise regularly. However, i am still about 10 pounds heavier than her. But some people call me skinny or normal or fat. Its opinion but people need to just mind their own business!

  7. Lara Says:

    That’s not true! She wasn’t so skinny when she first appeared in Pirates of the Caribbean, she had cheeks and a reasonable chest, now she’s so skinny it’s scary. Just search for the first movie and see for yourself.

    I don’t know what happened to her and it’s sad because when she first starred in Pirates I actually thought she was the most beautiful actress there was. But now with those sunken cheeks and the flat chest, not to mention the ribs and bones that can be seen so clearly through her skin…

    She may not have anorexia, but she’s definitely not healthy. Now I don’t know if it’s her way of eating or if she’s just overworked, but she should really do something about it.

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