Lunch of the Future… 1999?

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The Philco-Ford Corporation released a movie in 1967 that would show us how our lives would be in 1999. Here is a kitchen scene with a mother, her son and her husband. What will the computer allow the husband to eat?

This video seems strange to me because I remember seeing short clips like this on television and being so excited for the future to arrive. Instead, 1999 came and went. I don’t have a flying car, but I also don’t have a husband who thinks it’s my responsibility to feed him. This conversation between the husband and wife (via TV Phone) is interesting:

Wife: Earl, how about chicken salad?

Husband: Ew…

Cheese omelet?

Cheeseburger with french fries and a nice cold bottle of beer.

I’ll see…

She pulls up this screen on the computer:

1999 Computer Dieting

It suggests roast beef, green salad and no-cal beer, which is apparently a good enough substitute for Earl.

We’re living in the year 2007 and there are no flying cars and still no calorie-free beer! The future is NOTHING like they told me it would be!

Via: Cynical-C Blog – ร‚ยป What 1999 Will Be Like (A Film from 1967)


2 Responses to “Lunch of the Future… 1999?”

  1. iportion Says:

    Well people do have microwaves and Mobil phones with video. It might not be as grand as grand as th

    I found it funny the husband sounded like a child

    Who cares about no-cal beer. I want no cal cheese cake and potato chips? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Joseph Says:

    Well, I’m having a “microwave cheeseBURGER” right now, with a niiiiice cold bottle of beer (St Pauli Girl)… Of course, being that this was shot in 1967, old Wink Martindale there probably meant something like Schlitz, Miller High Life, or Pabst Blue Ribbon…

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