Question of the Week: Favorite Vacation Exercise

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I am out of town AGAIN, this time in Yellowstone Park in Wyoming and Montana. Yesterday, I filmed a new walking video for Starling Fitness going past Old Faithful, a bunch of pretty geysers and springs and up a mountain. I haven’t had a chance to look at the footage, but if it’s good, I’ll make it available to you.

What is your favorite kind of exercise while you’re on vacation?

Do you make sure your hotel has a gym?

Do you have a gym membership that works wherever you travel?

What sorts of activities do you plan? Are they active or sedentary?

I have found that I am willing to walk on the treadmill for days on end just so I can be fit enough to do active things while I’m on vacation. While climbing up the mountain yesterday, I realized that I haven’t been doing nearly enough hill work. I guess it’s time to use that incline setting on the treadmill again once I get home. I think you’ll probably be able to hear me panting up the hill on the video. It might even be bad enough to ruin the footage. Hope not…


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  1. Ernie Says:

    I say show us the footage whether it’s “ruined” or not. Personally, I LONG to go to Yellowstone again. I would love to see the sites even if the footage between the sites is a bit shakey. Heck, it probably looks exact what my walking would look like!

    Who knew that you would film a reality show?

  2. Laura Moncur Says:

    You get your wish, Ernie. I edited some of the pantingest of the footage so you could see and hear what I did yesterday. It posts tomorrow, so stay tuned!

  3. Megan Says:

    When we took a family vacation to Kauai, not only did I did I do LOTS of swimming & walking, but I also deflated my stability ball & took it with me. I did anywhere between 250-350 crunches a day, plus additional ball exercises.

    My gym does have gyms all over & I do check that, when we travel. I also have found that more & more hotels have gyms in them, which is AWESOME!!!

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