What 300 Calorie Meals Look Like

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Diet Blog’s 300 calorie photosI have read diet books with less helpful information about eating than is contained in this simple entry from The Diet Blog:

If you don’t desire much variety, you could only eat meals that are listed on that entry three times a day and you would definitely lose weight. In fact, if you weigh over 200 pounds, you could add a fourth meal from their list every day and still lose weight.

Me? The thought of only eating what I see on my computer screen makes me want to binge, but there are people who can eat the same thing over and over every day without any problems. If you’re one of those people, here is the most simple and healthy diet you’ll ever encounter.

Via: See what 300- to 400-calorie meals look like – Lifehacker


3 Responses to “What 300 Calorie Meals Look Like”

  1. iportion Says:

    they all look sort of bland I want to binge looking at them too.

  2. ilse72 Says:

    All those meals are more than I ever eat at a meal!

  3. Ernie Says:

    I’m one of those people who can eat the same thing over and over.

    As long as there’s chocolate in each bite. 😉

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