Fast Food: Ads vs. Reality

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Fast Food: Ad Vs. Reality

Next time you’re tempted by a fast food advertisement, remember, what they show you isn’t always what you get. This website shows you the difference between what the commercial looks like and the actual food.

Each item was purchased, taken home, and photographed immediately. Nothing was tampered with, run over by a car, or anything of the sort. It is an accurate representation in every case. Shiny, neon-orange, liquefied pump-cheese, and all.

Pictured above is the Arby’s Beef ‘n’ Cheddar. Here are the Nutrition Facts for that sandwich from the Arby’s website:

Arby’s Beef N Cheddar Nutrition Facts

Is the sandwich on the left worth spending 445 calories and 21g of fat? Maybe, if I was craving it. If I was craving it and I got the sandwich on the right, however, I would feel ripped off. Television commercials, magazine ads and billboards make food look really good, but it might not be what you get when you order. Next time you’re craving something, take a look at this website and ask yourself if you’re craving the commercial food or the reality food.

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5 Responses to “Fast Food: Ads vs. Reality”

  1. Megan Says:

    That’s true! They NEVER look as good in real life as they do on tv!

  2. Misty Says:

    What a GREAT idea!

  3. iportion Says:

    Ya that’s due to a lot of what photographed not being real. I think the KFC bowl looks yucky either way. The smashed arby melt doesn’t seem too bad. The cheese looks less shiney. McDonald’s Filet O Fish Sandwich both look icky.

  4. SLB+ Says:

    Ahh and here in lies so many problems. Arbys, KFC, McD et al = cheap food, cheap to make, cheap to buy, let alone its asthetic appeal, which in the case of Arbys is zilch. We can all agree that the aforementioned is bad; therefore bad is cheap.

    Whereas good food, think wholewheat bread (vs Wonderbread), wholegrain cereal (vs sugar coated c%$p – see any cereal aisle in most markets) etc etc is expensive, hell even decent fruits and veggies are more expensive than a Big Mac Meal – so if you’re on limited income with multiple mouths to feed where are you going to shop?

    Goes a long way to explaining the obesity epidemic don’t you think, especially when you think that there are 60,000,000 people currently obese in the US and 37,000,000 below the poverty line how many of the latter are in the former…I wonder?

  5. Adria Says:

    Yes, it’s always puzzled me that you will pay twice as much for a 16 oz bottled water than you would for a 32 oz Pepsi.

    I’ve been told that those bowls of cereal in milk that you see in advertisements – each Cheerio perfectly placed, for example – are held together by glue rather than milk.

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