A Walk In The Park

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I wore my Nike+ while walking in Disneyland the last couple of days. Apple programmed the iPod to pause when I stop walking (P.S. Apple, I HATE this feature, even though I know it saves battery time. I would much rather just have it still logging my miles, even though I stop every few minutes), so out of the twelve hours every day that we have been walking in the park, only about five hours were logged on my iPod. On the one day that I was vigilant and checked the iPod every couple of minutes to make sure it was still logging my steps, the Nike+ shows that we walked over 7 miles.

My mileage while walking in Disneyland shot up…

SEVEN miles!!

No wonder I have been so tired. If I hadn’t already lost my toenails, I would have black ones right now.

Unfortunately, I haven’t coupled this increase in activity with healthy eating, so in the end, I will weigh the same when I get home as I did when I left. At least I haven’t gained…

For more information about the Nike+, see this entry:


5 Responses to “A Walk In The Park”

  1. David Garland Says:

    Wow, how does one get one of those. I have I-pod and a house full of Dells both PCs and laptops. Does it work with a Dell? I would love to measure my walking accurately. Thanks

  2. iportion Says:

    Seven miles that;s so cool. I wish I could do that. I need to get a pedomitor.

  3. Adria Says:

    My Nike+ stopped working within a day or two of buying my Garmin Forerunner. I haven’t missed it as much as I thought I would, but that picture is bringing back fond memories.

  4. Gabbe Says:

    way to go on so much walking!! I hope you guys had a blast at DisneyLand!!

  5. Database Diva Says:

    I have worn a pedometer to Disneyland/California Adventure on several visits and found that we walked anywhere from 13 – 20 miles/day. I’m sure you would have similar results, if the Apple hadn’t paused.

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