A Different Kind of Thank You

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A Different Kind of Thank You from Nike

I received an email with this graphic in it from Nike yesterday. The subject line said, “A Different Kind of Thank You” and says:

Thank you, ignorance.

Thank you for starting the conversation.

Thank you for making an entire nation listen to the Rutgers team’s story. And for making us wonder what other great stories we’ve missed.

Thank you for reminding us to think before we speak.

Thank you for showing us how strong and poised 18- and 20-year-old women can be.

Thank you for reminding a sports nation that another basketball tournament goes on in March.

Thank you for showing us that sport includes more than the time spent on the court.

Thank you for unintentionally moving women’s sport forward.

And thank you for making all of us realize that we still have a long way to go.

Next season starts 11.10.07

When I received this, I was thoroughly confused. I am so angry at Nike for discriminating against people who are overweight that I really forgot that they think that they are an athletic equipment company. It’s so cute. They think they had something to do with moving women’s sport forward.

The average woman won’t fit into Nike’s XL clothing.

Sorry, Nike. You don’t get to take any credit for whatever happened in the basketball world this year. You are merely a fashion industry company who is unwilling to let your precious clothing be seen on people who really NEED exercisewear.

Thank you, ignorance… I wonder what other great stories you’re missing because you refuse to acknowledge anyone over size 10.


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  1. Ingrid Says:

    Good Morning. Although I understand what you’re saying about Nike being discrimanatory, I believe what they are referencing is what shock-jock Don Imus stated during an interview. If you’re interested in the background on it, here’s a link: http://nfl-draft.aolsportsblog.com/2007/04/06/don-imus-calls-rutgers-womens-team-nappy-headed-hos/

  2. Megan Says:

    I felt the same problem, when I went shopping at REI. My husband LOVES that store & was so excited to take me shopping there. But I was devastated, when I found out that I really couldn’t fit into any of their extra large clothing. Thank you for such a great post!

  3. iportion Says:

    I think all sizes should have a right to good fitness clothes. You should re-write it as an article.

  4. Ernie Says:

    I agree that Nike should make clothing that fits everyone. Everyone. I’m a big guy. I can’t describe how much it bothers me to try on clothes and have the size I am everywhere else not fit me. It takes a lot for me to want to try something on in the store, but when I do it’s incredibly discouraging to have a XXL be too small when I know very well that it fits me everywhere else.

    I do think that you misinterpreted the writing, though. I didn’t see where Nike was taking credit for advancing women’s basketball or any of the other claims. The writer was thanking “ignorance” (i.e. the ignorant comments made by Don Imus) for doing those things. I thought it was a clever way to shine a positive light on a negative event.

    I also thought it was clever how you turned it around on them.

    Here’s my take, anyone want to add any lines?

    Thank you, ignorance.

    Thank you for excluding those of us who need you the most.

    Thank you for showing us that we can go elsewhere to purchase OUR sports clothing.

    Thank you for discouraging those of us who don’t need discouraging.

    Thank you, ignorance.

  5. Russ Says:

    You should send your post (and the comments) to Nike it does little good to “preach to the choir” Being a “for-profit” company, if they realized what a huge market they are ignoring — they might just wake up!

  6. Laura Moncur Says:


    I was actually approached by a group that needed permission to use my blog entries in their presentation to Nike. I never heard what Nike thought about their presentation, but I don’t see a whole new line of Nike clothing that fits me, so all I can see is they don’t care.


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