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LipoDissolve Billboard from albaum on Flickr

The bill board in Salt Lake City says:

“Lose Fat Forever. No Surgery. No Sweating. No Kidding.”

Don’t believe it. If they had REALLY found a way to melt away your fat, they wouldn’t need to advertise it on a billboard.

Update 04-28-08: Looks like albaum has removed this photo from his collection on Flickr. It doesn’t stop them, though, here is a screen shot of another company in Utah promoting LipoDissolve.

LipoDissolve Banned in Kansas


7 Responses to “LipoDissolve Billboard”

  1. Mike Says:

    This is for spot reducing for people who are basically thin. They’re not claiming they can use this to make the Fat Man Walking a hunk.

  2. Laura Moncur Says:

    Spot reducing is just as much of a fallacy.

  3. Jessy Says:

    Actually, spot fat reduction works in 95% of the people who get it done. The lipodissolve procedure is performed by plastic surgeons – who I seriously doubt would put their reputation on the line for some gimmick that didn’t work.

    And by the way, the health industry advertises everything… especially when there are a lot of doctors out there offering the service.

  4. Laura Moncur Says:

    95%, huh? I want PROOF. Show me the studies.

  5. Jessy Says:

    I would refer you to the Journal of Aesthetic Surgery – Sept/Oct. 2006.

    Researchers evaluated clinical safety data and standards of practice for the lipodissolve procedure. It involved data from 75 physicians in 17 countries. A total of 17,376 patients were analyzed. Approximately 88% of patient’s reported a postive aesthetic result. Physicians surveyed said there was 95% success rate, but approximately 7% of patients wanted “better” results (their own definition of success was not met).

    Lipodissolve is new in the U.S., but has been done in Europe and South America for 15 years.

    Can you admit you may have jumped a little too hard on your position that it doesn’t work?

  6. Mindy Says:

    I want to know more. What does the procedure involve and what does it cost? Can any plastic surgeon do it?

  7. Laura Moncur Says:

    “Positive aesthetic result” is NOT the same as “losing fat forever.”

    Most of these procedures merely cause inflamation of the skin, which make the dimpled look of cellulite less noticeable. They don’t remove cellulite or fat.

    See QuackWatch’s entry about the subject:



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