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Kate Hopkins at The Accidental Hedonist reminisces about the candy that was offered by her grandma:

“Someone once said that you know when you’re an adult when you can walk into a convenience store and have the means to purchase every piece of candy upon the shelves…and you willingly choose not to. I’d like to amend that statement a bit to include that when you do make a candy choice, you’re an adult when choose licorice, breath mints and yes, even cactus candy over the plethora of chocolate bars at your disposal.”

Just like Kate, I find myself fascinated at how my own tastes have changed over the years. Is it because I can buy whatever candy I want now and it is no longer a limited supply? Have my taste buds actually changed and candies that used to be horrible like licorice now are interesting and different? My taste for candy has changed and not because of any restrictive dieting. I just don’t want to eat some things anymore.

I wish I knew why. I wish I could harness it and change my tastes to crave fruits, veggies and whole grains instead of other unhealthy foods. Instead, I eat whatever I want in small portions and leave the old candy cravings by the wayside.


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  1. iportion Says:

    My grandmother’s candy was bridge mix and cream drops. She developed diabetes. I always loved black licorice I feel it works well alone or with fruity flavors. I didn’t apricot chocolate covered marshmallow stuff until I was older than ten. I will opt for snickers kudo or a mini snicker over an full size snickers. Some of my old faves I eat only once in a while. I still like chocolate but I find I opt for more regal brands

  2. Adria Says:

    I’m not a grownup yet.

  3. dollfacedolphindawn Says:

    I love love love candy I have a 4 year old boy who loves sharing with me I love taking him to the candy store all the time.

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