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I have a question about Weight Watchers..Do you think the Core Plan works better than the Flex Plan? I am on the Flex Plan right now and i was just wondering if the Core works better.



I have liked the Flex Plan because I can eat ANYTHING as long as I work it into my Points. The minute someone tells me that I can’t eat something (even something as simple as 2% milk, which is restricted on the Core Plan), I am craving it. It’s because I was starved for so many years as a child that my mind goes into famine brain with just the mention of restriction. I have never tried Core because everytime I have even thought about going on the Core Plan, it has caused a binge.

Thank you,
Laura Moncur


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  1. Kim Says:

    Hi Laura,

    I just wanted to point out that the Core plan also gives you the freedom to have any food you want and count it from your 35 Weekly Points Allowance. I know that I feel the same way about feeling restricted and my inner 2-year-old starts screaming the second I tell her she CAN’T have something, but we have that option with Core as well.

    I lost successfully using both plans (60 lbs altogether) and I think both plans teach us different ways to make healthier choices.

    I started with Flex and was reluctant to try Core, frankly because I was afraid of what I saw as a lack of discipline. I’m REALLY glad I switched though, if for no other reason than to show myself I CAN do either, that it’s my choices that matter. That said, I especially liked the freedom to have a glass of milk and a banana and not feel as though I had to sacrifice those healthy foods just to save the points for an ice cream later in the day. With Core, I could have both!

    Just my 1.5 cents…



  2. iportion Says:

    Though I like to cook with a lot of core foods I tend to binge eat and can binge on anyhing including oatmeal, fresh fruit and other core foods. Though i KNOW some people who would feel too ristricted if they weren’t on core and would do poorly on flex.

  3. robb Says:

    FWIW, I always saw the value in both approaches. One teaches you how to control portion sizes and the other teaches you how to make better food selections. While a case can be made that Flex does both, it’s probably worthwhile for people on Weight Watchers to try both plans (just remember you can only change between weeks).

  4. Sheri Says:

    I recently started on the core plan through the website and have a quick question. Do you have to eat the 35 weekly points given to you on the core plan? I know with the flex plan you were supposed to, but not sure about the core.

  5. Laura Moncur Says:

    With both the Flex plan and the Core plan, the 35 Flex points are completely optional.

  6. Mandee Says:

    The flex plan users do you set a weekly meal plan? If so can you please send me a sample? I am having a problem creating one.

  7. Rapunzel Says:

    I have just switched from flex to core and though I have lots of questions I am loving it so far. I was eating too much “junk” just because I had the POINTS for it.

  8. Jennifer Says:

    I am on the core plan and find it so much easier to eat good, wholesome food rather than do the math every time I eat. I have tried both plans and had equal success on them. I was on the old points years ago and lost much weight, but gained it again once I stopped going to meetings. I found counting points a chore and did not want to keep it up some weeks and with becoming a full time student, felt I did not have the energy anymore. Now I am back at weight watchers and on core and have lost 9 pounds in 4 weeks. I have made a major lifestyle change and know if I count it in, I can have a treat now and then. I am also less hungry, being on medication makes me hungrier than normal, hence the weight gain, but the low GI diet on the core plan satisfies my hunger. My body no longer craves unhealthy food and I look forward to fruit, yoghurt and grilled fish and veges.

  9. Meg Says:

    I know I’m late to this convo, but in case people are still reading and responding – does anyone know if we have the option of accumulating exercise points (in addition to the 35 weekly flex points) with the Core Plan, the way we did with the Flex Plan? How does that work? Thanks!

  10. betsy Says:

    I just started the core yesterday but I think it is going to work well. I enjoy healthy foods so I feel that the Core Plan isn’t that restricted. Plus Ill get to get a weekly fix of chocolate with my 35 points!

  11. Suzie Says:

    I started Weight Watchers today and appreciate all of your insights. I am a re-joiner and was not looking forward to counting points again. I do like healthy foods and like the freedom to eat an apple or a bowl of whole grain cereal If I’m hungry. I will try the core and use some of my 35 pts. for my chocolate. Thanks for your comments. They do help.


  12. robert Says:

    I have been on flex, but my job is very demanding. I have lost four pounds in seven days, but found myself feeling much too weak during the midday. I am going to switch to core so I don’t have to limit my portions,thanks to all of your good advice.Much love to all of you!! Robert.

  13. beverley senatore Says:

    hi has weight watchers ditched the coreplan i cannot find it anywere and im so disapointed because i would prefare the core plan bev

  14. Angie Says:

    Yes you can accumulate activity points and WW hasn’t really ditched the CORE plan they renamed it as the simply filling technique. It is basically the same as CORE the only difference is they want you to learn portions in the first 5 weeks. You can ask your leader for week 6 book if you have been on core.

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