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I really don’t know how to classify this entry. Is Flavor Diet Spray a gadget? Is it a diet supplement? Is it something we should be wary of? I have no idea. This product was featured in Time Magazines Amazing Inventions of 2005. I never heard of it, but it’s still available today via their website.

A big problem I have with the way I’m tempted to eat when I’m in the dieting mentality is my attraction to fake food. Because I don’t allow myself real food when I’m dieting, even in small portions, I tend to resort to fake foods. I think I would classify this Flavor Diet Spray in the fake food category.

Watch out. If this product looks appealing to you, it’s because you have limited your diet too much. Whichever spray sounded good to you, allow yourself a small portion of the REAL thing this week. Don’t settle for fake food. Find a way to work the real thing into your lifestyle without damaging yourself.


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  1. Megan, the former gymnast Says:

    I think that I would rather just learn how to cook in a flavorful & yet low fat/low cal way. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tinga Says:

    I totally agree. Fake food has had quite a devastating effect here. Fake food is an awesome invention, and with our human logic we were bound to come up with this solution. But the only glitch is, if you resort to fake food to hide the problem, you actually never learn to solve it.

    You never learn portion control, you never learn how to not obsess about the real food… Fake food maintains this “forbidden food” problem, and this problem can lead to much unhappiness over the weight loss process… And unhapiness often leads to lack of result in weight loss (or even worst, to drastic unhealthy measure trying to keep the weight off).

    Thanks Laura for bringing this up!

  3. alex Says:

    I have to say that fake food is ridiculous…eating good solid delicious food is where it’s at. And exercising so you are HUNGRY for good food is also a terrific idea. If we all moved a little more and worried less about a magic pill we’d all be in better shape. My suggestion: Pick up a magazine for real women….I like FITNESS this month because it actually rally does have REAL WOMEN on thecover. I kid you not. Go to the newsstand and tell me if I’m wrong.

  4. karolina Says:

    Hello, I’m very interesting this flavour diet spray but I have big problem to buy it becouse I’m live in Poland and I can’t find this spray in my country…can I order this sprays?? how much will cost postage ?? Plese answer

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