Remember Running?

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Remember? Remember what it felt like to run? Run when you were a kid and running was how you got from here to there? Remember when they said they knew a great place and let’s go there? How did we go there? You can only run to a great place! There’s no walking if we’re going to some place great!


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  1. Megan, the former gymnast Says:

    It’s it funny, how, as children, we all ran, just for fun. And as adults, (if we run), we run because we have to.

    What a great memory to bring back. Thanks for helping me remember!

  2. dshep Says:

    That’s right! I remember running all the time with seemingly no effort unless asked to do so in gym class.

    Maybe the earth’s gravity has increased in the last few decades making running a much higher impact activity. 🙂

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