Richard Simmons Loves Me!

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Richard Simmons is like Mr. Rogers to me. I truly believe that he loves me. He wants me to be thin and healthy. He really cares about me personally. I think it’s because I watched his television show so much as a child. He is permanently embedded in my mind as a loving and nuturing figure in my life. I’ve bonded to him like a baby bird. I could watch this video over and over again. He makes me that happy.

I’ve talked about Richard Simmons before here:

Here is a link to his official website:

More cool Richard Simmons videos after the break:

The creator of this video found an old Richard Simmons workout record in a thrift shop, scanned the photos out of it’s instructional booklet and made this video with the soundtrack on the album. It’s a pretty cool little video and is very respectful of Richard.

Richard Simmons on Ellen DeGeneres. He is trying to get fitness back into all the schools and he is selling a steamer:


4 Responses to “Richard Simmons Loves Me!”

  1. Ashley Says:

    LOVED the second video! I agree, there is just something about Richard Simmons. As a fitness professional I have THE utmost respect for Richard. (He’s also originally from New Orleans!!)

  2. tokyorosa Says:

    i really don’t like richard simmons. why? because he comes from the “poor you” touchy-feely school of weight loss. he’s just one purple dinosaur suit away from talking to three-year-olds when he addresses adult audiences (mostly women, which i also find a bit odd).

    big thumbs down on the richard.

  3. iportion Says:

    I like richard ๐Ÿ™‚ I respect what he has done to help people.

  4. Kristeen Bicchinella Says:

    Richard, I need your HELP!!!!!!! i am 18 years old and am getting bigger and bigger everyday! i have been over weight ALL of my life, and i am so done with it i have tryed dites after diets, my frist dite i ever remeber was in 3rd grade, can u belive being in 3rd grade and haveing to watch what u eat? i am a veary nice person and i just want someone to love me! i know my family does, but i want other people to love me too. i am almost 360 lbs at 18 years old im not one of those girls that weighs 135 or 2oo and thinks there fat no im the true girl that it truley fat!!!! and and i am so sick of it!!!i need help and i dont know where to turn????? i have lived in alaska my hole life… and my family lives here too, they are also big too but i weigh more then my dad!!! richard do u know how bad it makes me feel when i know that i weigh more then my dad? isnt the dad supost to be the big guy the DADu no what i meen? im bigger then everyone in my family and i hate it!! my brother make fun of me all the time it hurts so BAD!!!! richard i need help!!!!! i dont know if you will ever get this but i hope you do iwant you to know that im not one of those skinny minnies that just want someone to feel sorry for themselves, i have never been the one to say oh.. im so fat im so ugly , ive never really said that to people be for but i say it to my self all the time…. i need help!!!! ive done so much stuff to loose weight but i just need something can u please help me richard!!!!! please please please help me!!!!!!

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