Dilbert Self Censorship

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The "Unpublished" Dilbert

Is telling the world that you’re not going to do fat jokes and then showing them the fat joke that you’re not going to publish really not doing fat jokes?

Here is Scott Adams’ explanation for the comic:

“That’s why I have a personal preference to avoid fat jokes. No one chooses to be overweight. We’re all moist robots and some of us have programs in our brains that make food especially enjoyable. If I liked food and disliked exercise as much as a 400 pound guy, I’d be a 400 pound guy.”

“With that background in mind, I decided not to submit the following comic for newspapers. I intended it to be a clever commentary on the non-existence of free will. But in the execution it comes off looking like a fat joke. So you won’t see this one in newspapers.”

The true question is why is it so hard for me to eat healthy when I am vividly shown what eating poorly can do to my body? If looking like a walrus with diabetes doesn’t motivate me, what will? Strangely, running challenges on Nike +…


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  1. iportion Says:

    Most people who read Dilbert don’t read his blog. What many people don’t get is abuse is usually not a good motivator? Dogbert doesn’t understand why abuse as a motivator doesn’t work for weightless. Many parents who say things like that to their children end up creating children with disported eating . I saw my grandmother lose her leg due to diabetes yet abusive words still made me want to eat more even knowing that fact.

    Some say personal trainers have to be hard but even then there is line. There is a big difference between being a Jillian type bully and being abusive. Abusive trainers lose clients.

  2. Dilbert Reader Says:

    In the 2010 Calendar, Plan B is “Stop eating or I’ll kill you”.

    And for that last person’s post… wow. Is disported a real word?

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