Svetol: The Newest Supplement Fad?

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Doctor's Best Best Sugar Balance featuring Svetol

Svetol is a green coffee extract that is supposed to help with weight loss. The websites promoting it say:

“Clinical studies demonstrate the twin actions of Svetol:

-The slimming action results from a decline of the body mass index which leads to weight management. The results of the study show a reduction in weight of 5.7% after taking the supplements for 2 months.

-The shapelier body contour results for an increase in lean body mass and reduction in fat. The results of the study show an increase of the LM/FM ratio of 4%.”

They are quick to use words such as “clinical studies” and “reduction in weight”, but I can’t find anything online to show the results of the studies, whether they were performed by a reputable facility and whether they were double blind. Without this information, there is really NO PROOF that Svetol does anything but take your money away. Remember, don’t spend any money on a nutritional supplement that hasn’t jumped through the hoops and proved what they are saying.

That doesn’t mean that nutritional supplement manufacturers aren’t going to jump on Svetol like it’s the best thing in the world. Expect to see lots of products with Svetol included like, CoffeeSlender, which is an instant coffee containing the extract. Considering how eager food manufacturers are to put “weight reducing” supplements into EVERYTHING (Remember chromiumn?), let’s just hope it doesn’t poison people or cause horrible side-effects like ephedra did.

Via: CoffeeSlender: Weight Loss Coffee?


8 Responses to “Svetol: The Newest Supplement Fad?”

  1. David Says:

    Hi I work for the UK Distributor of CoffeeSLENDER, which contains Svetol.

    Firstly, thank you for your Blog entry about CoffeeSLENDER. Perhaps I could clear up a few points.

    You state that you could find “no proof” that Svetol works, and also that cannot find anything online about how the studies were conducted or what the results were.

    The most recent study on Svetol and CoffeeSLENDER has just been published in the sceinetific journal Phytptherapie –


    (The english version of the summary is in the second half of the page)

    Although it costs money to read the journal, you can read the summary. And, yes, the study was a randomised, placebo controlled, double blind study.

    Although our other studies have yet to be published, some of them followed the same protocols. Summary details of all the evidence to support our weight loss claims can be downlaoded (for free) from our site;


    I hope this helps.


  2. Kathy Tarochione Says:

    Do you know of anywhere in the USA Coffee Slender can be purchased?



    Let me also clear up a few things as I know very well this ingredient.

    Svetol has been tested in a randomized, placebo controlled, double blind study which was published last October in a scientific French review called Phytothérapie. So it has been reviewed by an independent scientific committee.

    Now you have a proof that Svetol works with no side effects and that they were right to use words such as “clinical studies” and “reduction in weight”.

    Best regards,


  4. Richard Says:

    Coffee SLender is for sale on EBAY. I saw it. 🙂

  5. Vanessa Says:

    So can you please explain the mechanism by which it works? Where abouts in the metabolic processes is Svetol actually meant to kick in, and whats it doing when this happens?

  6. Andy Says:

    Vanessa: it works by blocking an enzyme in the body that signals release of glucose into the bloodstream. without that enzyme acting in force, your body is FORCED to find different sources to get energy from. eat in the “correct” way of healthy, make sure you get plenty of protein from different sources, and you will see results very quickly… exercise will help also!

  7. lisa Says:

    I am currently taking Diet Start Cleanse. It is put out by ReNew Life. The first formula contains Svetol and the other supplement is the cleanse part. I seem to be having success. I also do a little cardio a couple times a week. I stick to a 1,000-1,500 calorie diet. I eat lots of raw vegetables and anything with lots of fiber and add organic fiber to my food. It seems to be very successful. I recommend a good detox and cleanse to anyone wanting to loose weight and feel healthier.

  8. Janne Says:

    To Lisa,

    Why take any diet suppliment if you stick to 1000-1500 calories a day and do cardio a couple of times a week? Your weight will go down with that alone. Why don´t you save your money and try without, you can save up and buy yourself something nice at the end of your diet.

    Good luck anyway:)

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