Mountains to Sea Trail: 1000 Miles of Pure Hiking Enjoyment

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The Mountains to Sea Trail in North Carolina

What would you do if you could just start walking and just keep on walking for thousands of miles through North Carolina’s natural beauty? You would find yourself on the Mountains to Sea Trail.

Although it’s not completed it recently won the Steward for the Environment Award from REI. The idea of being able to start on a path and just keep walking until you hit the ocean is beautiful to me. There are a couple of trails like this planned all across the United States. There just might be a local trail in your area that might be good enough for a winter walk in the snow. It might not be 1000 miles, but then again, how often are we able to walk 1000 miles?

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2 Responses to “Mountains to Sea Trail: 1000 Miles of Pure Hiking Enjoyment”

  1. tom Says:

    I hiked off 35 pounds and probably have put in a couple thousand miles in the process. If you’re into the experience of being in the woods, hiking is the way to get in shape.

    My blog about hiking has a small but devoted following. If you’re interested it’s at http://tommangan.net/twoheeldrive … we talk about gear, news, links, trails, pictures and other stuff.

  2. cody taylor Says:

    I am planning to hike the MST and need some advice. The trail is unfinished, and I was wondering if that meant I would be walking down the road. Is there a detailed map anywhere? Thanks

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