REI Rainpants Soon In Plus Sizes

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REIElaine left this post on my entry about Nike clothes being so elitist:

“I have this experience every time I go to REI and most of the outdoor shops locally, not so much with tops as with bottoms. What, a woman with some hips can’t go hiking?

“I really need a pair of rain pants to keep cycling in the fall/winter, and I’m totally dreading the experience. (Suggestions welcome, actually.)”

The cool thing about REI (unlike Nike) is that they listen. They left this comment on Elaine’s weblog:

“I read a commentary of yours from 9/3 regarding REI not having any rainpants to fit you (Why I’m Angry at Nike). Please keep your eyes open at REI (especially REI.com) beginnig in Jan. 2007! I hope you will be pleased. If you have any questions please email me – I am personally working on this project. Take care!”

Next time you feel hopeless about the way you’re being treated, remember Elaine’s experience. She let the world know what she needed and the world listened and responded.

A big kudo to REI for releasing plus-sized exercise wear!


6 Responses to “REI Rainpants Soon In Plus Sizes”

  1. Braidwood Says:

    That’s really cool.

  2. iportion Says:

    that’s so sweet of them.

  3. tokyorosa Says:

    i know it’s something of a victory, but have you SEEN the prices at REI??

    try title IX or junonia for real plus-sized exercise wear–for women anyway. i don’t know if men have the same problem finding things to fit–but i do know that no man has ever had to go through the hassle of finding a plus-sized sportsbra!

  4. Thais Says:

    I wonder if she’ll be ordering from the catalog or online? REI is probably the most intimidating store there is for a fat person to shop in. They don’t hire any fat clerks that I have seen in my visits in three states, and their buffed employees are stationed all over the store checking you out and asking if you need any help as you walk from section to section.

  5. Elaine Says:

    I tried both junonia and title IX…there’s lots of great running clothes, workout clothes, etc., but rainpants for cycling are particularly hard to come by for women in ANY size, let alone a plus size. I had pretty much resigned myself to buying men’s rainpants.

    I go to the local REI store a couple of times a year, and as long as I’m looking at gear it’s all good. I got amazing help finding a backpack last summer. Clothing, not so much. I’ll probably order them in the catalog to pick up at the store then try them on before I leave.

    We’ll see….

  6. Jennifer Says:

    It’s great to hear about REI, but FYI Target is carrying a line from Champion that has larger sizes (16/18ish) and wicking fabric at reasonable prices.

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