Try The Healing Yoga Routine Jen Aniston Loves

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That was the email that was one of the 130 emails I had to wade through when I got back from my trip to Vegas. It was from Self Magazine, and the email didn’t actually say anything about a healing yoga routine that Jennifer Aniston loves. It had a few dorky tips about having a positive attitude about exercise and avoiding winter sniffles. Mostly, it was just trying to get me to subscribe to Self Magazine again.

I’m not.

The last three magazines went right into the recycle bin without even opening them. Why? Do I suddenly hate Self Magazine now? No. They’re okay. They keep saying the same things over and over again, but they aren’t really evil. They have a pretty positive attitude about body, diet and health. My only problem is that I just am sick of reading the same articles. It’s not like they are recycling their stories, but how many times can you say eat less and exercise more without sounding like a broken record?

I also don’t like the articles that promise to flatten my belly in six weeks. They aren’t really realistic. The exercise routines just seem like a fashion photo shoot for exercise clothes instead of actual workouts. Not only that, they send me email with titles like, “Try the healing yoga routine Jen Aniston loves.” Jennifer Aniston is a beautiful woman, but I really don’t think the yoga routine that she does will make my body look like hers. We’re two different people. Sure, it would be nice to be as fit as she is, but a simple yoga routine in an email isn’t going to get me there. Worse still, they didn’t even include the routine in the email…


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