The Okara Cookie – “Enjoy New Diet Life”

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Okara Cookie

The Diet Blog has a funny article about the advertising for a cookie from Japan that is supposed to help you lose weight.

The English translation accentuates the hilarity of eating cookies to lose weight:

“The most effective way to diet is to eat Okara cookies instead of usual supper. However, it is a serious thing isn’t it? First of all, we encourage to eat cookies for the breakfast.”

The poor English aside, Okara cookies aren’t very different from meal replacement shakes or protein bars. Skewing full meals prepared with fresh, whole foods in favor of processed shakes or bars has never worked for me. I always feel more hungry after a diet shake than I did if I had eaten the same number of calories in “real” food. The awkward translation just makes it more obvious.

Next time you are tempted by meal replacement shakes, bars or even Japanese soy cookies, remember that there is no replacement for healthy food. It may take a little longer to prepare or require that you plan ahead, but your health is worth it. You deserve a little extra preparation and planning. Give it to yourself.


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  1. tokyorosa Says:

    funny, considering that the native japanese diet is pretty good and japan doesn’t (yet) have a problem with obesity. BUT–the diet culture is alive and well in japan and most people will admit to dieting so as to avoid becoming “fat girls” and “fat boys.”

    the cookies may be healthy, but you’re right, there is no substitute for real food!

  2. Tash Says:

    I read your post, and agree in principle with what you say. But, I can’t help feeling skeptical about people who talk negatively about weight loss. I don’t understand why others find it so offensive when some people exercise a little self-control. I have never seen a website set up that discourages people from eating chocolate-chip cookies, ice-cream or cake. In fact, you can find a recipe for almost any kind of cake under the sun on the internet. These food items are definitely nutritional no-nos because they contain a lot of sodium, sugar and preservatives. Why is it self-abuse when someone wants to reduce or maintain their body size for health or image-esteem reasons? Why is it not self-abuse when someone grabs that chocolate bar. I think it really pays to respect other people’s decisions about what they choose to eat. Just as how we never criticize someone for enjoying that slice of cake, we should equally refrain from criticizing anyone who chooses not to have that slice.

  3. Laura Moncur Says:


    Go back and read my entry again. I am not talking negatively about weight loss. I’m talking negatively about FAKE FOOD.

    I didn’t even talk about self-abuse in this entry, so I suspect you’re upset about a different entry I’ve written where I’ve called anorexia self-abuse.

    It is not self-abuse to get your body to a healthy weight (BMI). Restricting diet to the point of anorexia IS self-abuse. So is overeating (my particular problem). They are both harmful to the body.

    Understand, however that this is not criticism. It’s a fact. People who indulge in anorexia or bingeing DIE. It takes the bingers a little longer to die than the starvers, but we both die from it if we don’t get it under control.

    I’m sending good karma your way. If you are enjoying the “high” from not eating, please remember that you are dealing with an addiction just as much as an alcoholic. You’re addicted to a behavior, not a substance, but it’s just as deadly. Please go see a doctor about it.

    Wishing you well, Laura Moncur

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