Evening Walk in November

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I took a walk last night and enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather. It’s almost Thanksgiving and it feels like early October right now. Of course, tomorrow we may be buried in three feet of snow. You can never tell with Utah weather. Sometimes I wonder whether living somewhere else would affect my exercise routine. Would I be more faithful if the weather was good all the time or would my ability to withstand weather extremes close in on me and I would find myself shivering at 71 degrees?

Yesterday, I walked further than I usually do and found different sites to look at while out and about. I have been running the same 2.27 mile course over and over so many times that just walking a different route felt refreshing. I really enjoyed seeing parts of my neighborhood that I usually only see in my car. I can catch more details when I’m walking, like the rust on the sign at City Dry Cleaners or the flowers around the hippie store. It’s November. How are they keeping those pansies alive? If the pansies can stand this weather, then I sure can and I’ll be out again today.


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  1. Florence Says:

    Having been raised on the east coast, lived over 20 years in California, and now live in Hawaii I can answer your first question. Yes, you do adjust and 71 becomes quite cold. I moved here to Hawaii 16 years ago and now if the temp falls below 75 I’m busting out the sweatshirts and wooly socks. It doesn’t make it any easier to exercise either. It’s really all in your mind and not outside in the weather.

  2. dshep Says:

    What it is about seeing those details while we are walking that we can’t see from a car feel so satisfying?

    The time you spend ‘inside your head’ while walking seems to be fertile ground for the observations you make while passing by properties at a walker’s pace. My childhood memories are more like the observations made while walking and some adult memories are fleeting or peripheral like views from a car. Maybe adults just move too fast. Any thoughts?

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