New Weight Loss Surgery

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There is a new kind of weight loss surgery that is being developed and it eliminates cutting into the body:

The procedure is described here:

“Natural orifice transendoscopic surgery, or NOTE, requires no incisions because instruments — such as long tubes with robotic arms and staple guns — can be inserted through the mouth and snaked down the esophagus. Another possibility, he said, is inserting a sleeve, or a tube, into the intestines that would interfere with calorie absorption.”

I’m all for surgeries that are less invasive, but no matter how much I weigh, I wouldn’t be the first one to sign up for this one. Are you willing to sacrifice your vocal chords and the ability to sing well just to lose a few pounds?

If you are willing to take the physical risks involved, then be willing to exercise and eat healthy. Don’t let the medical industry sell you ANOTHER weight loss surgery with unproven efficacy. Love yourself enough to take care of your body by eating right and exercising. It’s worth it.

Via: Big Fat Blog: Scalpel Free Weight Loss Surgery – Who Benefits?


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