Disney Cuts Trans Fat and Other Food Changes

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Disney has made a decisive change in the food that is served in their amusement parks:

By 2008, the following changes will be in place:

  • No foods with trans fat

  • Place a cap on total calories, which will result in smaller portion for children.

  • Limit fat to a maximum of 30 percent of calories for entrees and side dishes, and 35 percent for snacks.

  • Cap saturated fat at 10 percent of calories for main dishes, side dishes and snacks.

  • Limit sugar to 10 percent of calories for main dishes and side dishes, and 25 percent of calories for snacks.

Disney Princess CerealThis is great news for parents whose children are clamoring for the sugary food that is just going to make them bounce off the walls while they wait in line. Treatment online says it best:

“Many companies have been moving to reduce or cut the use of trans fats in their products, but Disney’s announcement is doubly important for the reverberations that it will have throughout the food industry. If Disney, one of the most powerful brands especially among children, won’t do business with companies that make unhealthy products, it should force many of these companies to rethink their own behaviors.”

Now, Disney just needs to make sure that their sugary cereal that they sell follows the same guidelines.


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  1. speda1 Says:

    Kudos to Disney, those are some excellent improvements…. but the timetable is a bit slow. 2008????

    Glad to see they are reducing the sugar. They should have also required 100% whole grains.

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