Binge Dreams

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Valerie at iPortion has an interesting entry about binge dreaming.

Like Valerie, when I am restricting my diet, I have dreams about eating a lot and “blowing” my diet. Whenever I have those dreams, I feel a harbringer of dread, as if I KNOW that I will start bingeing because I had that dream.

I don’t believe the dreams cause the bingeing, however. It’s the other way around. Restricting my diet too much causes the feelings of deprivation and the worry about blowing my diet. That stress comes through loud and clear in my dreams. By the time I have a binge dream, I’ve already made the mistake of restricting my diet too closely.

Instead a harbringer of dread, they should be an indicator that I haven’t been eating enough or haven’t eaten a wide enough variety of foods.

I just keep forgetting that…


2 Responses to “Binge Dreams”

  1. iportion Says:

    Too much restriction I feel was the key to my dreaming of binging as well. I also feel they steam from my fear of eating like I did before.

  2. anonymous Says:

    Dieting causes binging. Simple as that. Grab a book like “The Diet Survivor’s Handbook”, stop dieting, learn to eat intuitively, and you won’t binge any more.

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