What I’ve Learned About Fitness from Animal Crossing

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Animal Crossing: Wild WorldI have been playing Animal Crossing to an extreme over the last couple of weeks. It’s the reason there were a couple of days without entries. I’ve played it at home on the sofa and on the treadmill and at my friend’s house, linking to their towns. It is a game in which you create a town. Various talking animal creatures move in with their own personal obsessions.

Curly from Animal Crossing I have two guys in my town that are obsessed with exercise and body building. Here are some of their quotes:

When you try to visit their homes while they are out, the notes on their door say, “I’ve gone out for a run.”

“My hobby? It’s fossil collecting , of course! See, if I did sit-ups while holding a fossil, it’d ROCK my lower abs!”

“He sounds homesick. I’m gonna invite this kid to my next 5-hour squat session.”

“I’ve got the perfect nickname for you: Dumbell! What?! Then you think of a better nickname!”Tank from Animal Crossing

I can see these two characters running around the town, even though it’s the other townsfolk walk. What have I learned from them?

  • Weight training is good.

  • Never call your friend “Dumbell.”

  • Why walk when you can run?

There are snooty females in the game as well. One particular character said the following to me:

“Have you gained weight? Oh, that’s right. Since I’ve lost weight everyone else looks so huge to me.”Amelia from Animal Crossing

“Could you return that diet book I lent you? Oh? That wasn’t you?”

What have I learned?

  • When I am totally on program, I need to shut up about it to everyone else. It sounds like an insult to them if I talk about it.

Who knew that I was going to learn ANYTHING from this game. I’ve enjoyed myself while playing it AND I learned a couple of important life lessons.


3 Responses to “What I’ve Learned About Fitness from Animal Crossing”

  1. Meri Says:

    Weight training is da bomb. Absolutely my favourite form of exercise!

  2. hari Says:

    Maybe because I don’t lift weights that often I’m not exactly sure what “on program” means. Is that like being on a diet? But with exercise? Are you training for something specific? I know I sound dumb, but I thought it was about lifestyle. Always try to eat healthy. Always try to stay active. I know I sound critical. I REALLY don’t mean to. I used to train for marathons. I would get obsessive. Kinda like people and dieting. It wasn’t fun like it was supposed to be. I know I may not make sense, but i hope a few of you understand what i mean. Stay healthy, do what feels right for you.

  3. Sarah Says:

    I’m 20 and training for my first marathon. I know what you mean about it getting obsessive. Everything I do revolves around eating and running; long runs, intervals and speed work, eat more of this and les of that… ect. I’ll start to taper off next week and the race is 2 weeks away. – I used to love running and thats why I decided to do a marathon, but training for it has made it no fun anymore. I can’t wait until it’s over and I can just run when I want and where I want and for how long I want. ahhhh!


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