Question of the Week: Multi-tasking

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I have been playing a game on my Nintendo DS while exercising for the last couple of weeks. I can do it while walking on the treadmill, but I need to turn the incline up pretty steep and keep the speed slow so I can play the game AND keep my heart rate up. It’s easier on the exercise bike. I can do both easily.

Do you multi-task while exercising?

Which workouts work well with multi-tasking?

What do you do (listen to music, read, watch TV, play Animal Crossing…)?

How do you make sure you are getting a good workout?

Do you think that being distracted while exercising is dangerous?

Do you think that being distracted while exercising affects whether it’s a good workout? How?

Some people believe that being “with your body” is the focus of exercising. What do you think about that?

Sometimes having a distraction while exercising is the only way I’m willing to workout. Other times, I really want to feel the workout, so I don’t multi-task at all. I don’t really know how I feel about it. What do you think?

The Question of the Week is meant to be an Inner Workout for you. Find some time during the week and allow yourself to write the answers to the questions posted. You can write them on paper, on a word processor or here in the comments section. Whatever works for you as long as you do it.

Keep writing until you find out something about yourself that you didn’t know before. I’ve also heard that it works to keep writing until you cry, but that doesn’t really work for me. Whatever works for you. Just keep writing until it feels right.


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  1. shinypenny Says:

    I wish I could, as I find conditioning exercise (as opposed to functional exercise like sports or martial arts) boring as heck. But I find that I can’t exercise effectively when I’m trying to read something.

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