Fashion Designer Gaultier Realizes That Fat Can Be Beautiful

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Velvet d'AmourJean Paul Gaultier’s 30th Anniversary show was October 3rd and the world is still spinning. Gaultier put American model and actress Velvet d’Amour in his show. She has her head on right as far as physical image is concerned. When asked about other models and whether they are too thin, she replied,

“If you tell me somebody’s too thin, if you tell me somebody’s too fat, you’re still being prejudiced. The point is diversity.”

She’s right. We need to be just as accepting of the super-skinny as we are of the overweight. Sometimes I feel like the entire world is out to make fat people feel as if we don’t exist. When there are fat people in movies or television, they are usually portrayed by stick thin actors/actresses in fat suits. The few fat people shown are usually one-dimensional caricatures that are portrayed as people who are lazy, depressed and out of control.

Reality just isn’t like that. There are energetic and active fat people. There are overeating thin people. And now, thanks to Gaultier, there are overweight fashion models.

Via: Big Fat Blog: Gaultier Uses Fat Model; World Still Turning


3 Responses to “Fashion Designer Gaultier Realizes That Fat Can Be Beautiful”

  1. maryfrancis williams Says:

    whatever happened to modesty. thin or fat, women should show themselves at their best. A boney woman is as obscene as the sausage-legged one shown on the runway. Let’s work on healthy and stop the debate about fat or thin. we want everyone to look good in stylish, wellfitted, appropriate clothes. Keep the lingerie in the bedroom and the boas on the constrictors. Thank you.

  2. bananas Says:

    I recently completed a research project on obesity, and was amazed at the many causes, and effects, of the scary epidemic. You say that fat people “are portrayed as people who are lazy, depressed and out of control.” And you might be right, but according to the American Obesity Association, one of the common complications with overweight and obesity is depression. That is at the end of a long list of others including, asthma, diabetes, gallstones, high blood pressure, liver problems, sleep apnea, heart disease, and certain types of cancer. So, in my opinion, fat does not equal beautiful.

  3. Braidwood Says:

    Wow, whenever you post about fat acceptance all the terrified people come out. What are you so afraid of, bananas? Relax already. We are mortal. Seriously, take a deep breath.

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