Betsy Devine on Dutch Bicycles

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Betsy Devine weighed in on Happiness and why she thinks the Netherlands lead the pack in happiness. She bases it all on bicycles:

She has a full list of why she thinks riding your bicycle everywhere would increase your happiness:

  • Exercise makes people’s bodies feel good.
  • Exercise lifts people’s spirits.
  • Bikers are not anonymous the way drivers are; hence their traffic interactions are much more civil.
  • Riding a bike instead of a Hummer to work is just one example of the general Dutch aversion to flaunting wealth–the struggle to keep up with (or better) your neighbors creates much unhappiness in many cultures.
  • Almost running over clueless American tourists who will go home and blog about you gets your pulses racing.

I agree with her. I’ve enjoyed riding my bicycle around my town. When I was riding it to work was the best time I had working for other people. There is something about the physical activity with a definite purpose that really makes me content. I would much rather ride my bike to work than go for a ride in the mountains. The ride to work accomplishes more than just a pretty ride.


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