The Biggest Loser: The Show That Takes 30 Minutes to Weight 13 People

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The Biggest LoserOver the summer, I forgot that The Biggest Loser is the show that takes 30 minutes to weigh 13 people. The repetition and the way they drag things out to last two hours really got to me this time because I was watching it live last night. I used to tape them on my VCR and watch them last year, so I could fast forward through the neverending weighing when things got too much. This time, I was stuck with watching every grueling minute.

Let me tell ya. I’ll be taping it next time.

Kraft Jell-O Cook & Serve Sugar-Free Pudding & Pie Filling, Chocolate, 1.3-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 24)Oh yeah, I had also forgotten about the blatant commercials. Jello? Yep there it is. The girl who was voted off is eating Jello at home to “limit her carbs.” One-A-Day vitamins was given a couple of minutes with Bob introducing them to his team. Plus, One-A-Day had paid for two commercials during the breaks: one for women and one for men.

More disturbing were the commercials (two) for surgical weight loss during the breaks. Here in Utah, they were for a local company that promotes gastric bypass surgery and lap band surgery quite heavily. Those surgeries go against everything taught on The Biggest Loser. I wonder if there were similar commercials in other areas.

Timex Ironman Triathlon Digital Heart Rate Monitor Watch 5C411On a lighter note, did anyone notice that everyone is wearing Timex watches? I’m a watch fanatic, so I notice those sorts of things. At first, I thought, “Hey, there’s that HRM Timex that Mike has.” The second time, I thought, “I’ve looked at that watch… almost bought it.” The third time, I thought, “Oh, I get it. Timex gave everyone watches. Smooth…” I have an OLD Timex HRM watch (the first one they made) that is still going strong, so I really don’t have a problem with them providing watches to everyone. Long after they have been voted off the show, those watches are going to be reading their heart rates and timing their workouts.

Will I still watch the show despite all the commercials and trumped up drama? Yeah, but next week, I’m fast forwarding through the weigh-in.


5 Responses to “The Biggest Loser: The Show That Takes 30 Minutes to Weight 13 People”

  1. Hunter H. Cashdollar Says:

    Yes, I cannot believe it drags out two hours.

  2. S. Says:

    Luckily starting next week, the show will only be one hour.

    Still a great show, but I wish they would concentrate more on the workouts/diets than the drama, but I guess people like reality tv drama.


  3. Holli Says:

    I am thouroughly impressed with the show, and watch every minute of it… I do leave the room for commercials though. I have followed right along since the first season, and have lost my weight wialong with the “contestants” just at a slower weight. (40 pounds lighter though, since last season)

  4. Picture It: Says:

    Tape 80% of my T.V. shows to watch later and fast forward through commercials. I purchased the oatmeal they advertised last season (didn’t like it) and thought about changing my vitamins to One-A-Day on my next purchase.

    Did not notice the Timex wathces but I could tell you every kind of food that was laid out on the tables for temptation.

  5. Bill Nadraszky Says:

    I never seem to get a chance to watch the show when it is on because I am busy chasing the kids but it is a priority after we have videotaped it (no TIVO yet).

    You are right! Every time there is a bit of drama they go to a commercial break and then come back from the break and replay the last 60 seconds or so, this is the only reality show on TV that does this and it makes it easier to watch on video.

    Besides that though I really like the show. My wife is good with the remote so we can watch it quite quickly and the trainers always lay out osme good tips every episode. The other thing that is good is seeing the incredible changes that people can make when they have nothing else to concentrate on then losing weight and getting healthy.

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