Problems with the New Nano and Nike+?

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The new iPod Nano

It looks like some people have had some troubles with the new Nano and the Nike+. Here are some responses from the Apple Support Board:

“I just got mine today….. the nano keeps freezing up with the nike sports kit….. according to all literature, you need a 1.2 nano update, but the 2Gen nanos come with 1.0.1 I’m not sure if that is why….but like I said, mine keeps freezing right before I start a workout and have to reset(using hold, menu + center) to get out the screen. There are no further updates available for the 2gen. Either I got a bad nano, or their are glitches.”

“My sport kit worked fine with my old Nano. I received my second gen Nano yesterday, and the Nano cannot connect with the sensor. My Nano doesn’t freeze; it just won’t connect with the sensor. I am also using firmware 1.0.1, which, according to Itune 7.0, is the latest for the new Nano. Any ideas? A new firmware, perhaps?”

It looks like some people have no troubles, though.

“I have nike+ipod, and new nano, nike+ shoes as well. they all work. don’t worry. only difference is if you connect adapter with new nano, nike+ipod menu appears. but if you remove it, it will be disappeared unlikely old nano which is stayed on.”

It looks like the problems are hit and miss right now, which is enough to make me wait to see what Apple does about them. Apple has a strange way of getting rid of affiliated companies that they don’t like (Motorola iPod Phone, anyone?). It may be that the Nike thing isn’t working out the best it could and Apple is subtly phasing them out of the picture.

I guess I’ll keep exercising with my borrowed Nano for now…


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  1. Eh... not so much Says:

    Hi Laura: I’m not a runner, but the idea of syncing my tunes up to how hard I’m working sounds excellent. Would I get any use out of the Sport kit even though I don’t run? (I mostly do treadmill or ArcTrainer, sometimes the bike, infrequently the Stairmill.) Thanks!

  2. Brandon Says:

    Make sure you update your ipod’s software with the latest version. More tips on Nike + troubleshooting can be found here:


    P.s – The reason why Apple got rid of Motorola? Well I think we know now the reason:

    1) iPhone 2) The Motorola phone was utter crap

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