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It has been a long time since I’ve seen a website about DDR that was interesting at all. This website, DDRFitness.com, peaks my interest because they have a “What’s New in DDR” section with the latest in exergaming.

They have written this website in order to sell games and dance pads. When I looked at the prices, they seem reasonably well-priced, so they’re not trying to rip you off. Of course, I haven’t ordered anything from them, so I don’t know how reliable they are, but the news links are interesting.

They’re DDR buying guide is minimalist, but contains exactly enough information to get you started. It won’t help you learn how to play the game well, but it will tell you enough to be able to choose the correct game and pad.

One thing I would add is that the metal pads aren’t necessarily the best in comfort. It really depends how you play. I learned to play barefoot and have a hard time playing the game with running shoes. If I play barefoot on the arcade game (very similar to the metal pads), I get blisters very quickly. I could wear shoes, but then I would have to learn how to play all over again. For me, the high density pads are the best. They are also very reasonably priced through DDRFitness.

Go ahead and take a look at DDRFitness and see what you think.


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