Run To The Tree

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Run to the tree.52 Projects is a craft site with projects to do each week, but this week, in addition to the project, we got a lovely story about running on a path in a park.

The author had run past that tree for years and has a craft project to prove it. Running has been very helpful:

“Running is a way to keep the pounds off my mid-riff, to keep me from screaming because the TV volume is up too loud or some other stupid thing that I shouldn’t be losing my temper over, to keep my blood pressure down, to do some thinking or to do no thinking at all, to help clear my mind, to be alone, to move forward, faster and faster and faster. And throughout and within all of the running, that tree was my fixture: to reach the tree, to see the tree, to think back on it as I walked into my apartment, winded, soar and soaked in sweat, but smiling down to my core.”

If you run a similar route every day, pick a tree on the route that is YOUR tree, just like this person did. Hopefully, yours won’t suffer the same indignity that this tree did.


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