The Boston Globe Does Eggplant

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Photo / Jim Scherer; Styling / Sheryl Julian and Julie RivenFall is the perfect time for squash and one of the more interesting to choose from is eggplant. The Boston Globe has a few recipes on how to cook the purple plant.

Eggplant is best prepared over a fire:

“Smoke and eggplant is one of the great flavor pairings, so much so that each of the regions of the Middle East and all the countries that border the Mediterranean have a smoky eggplant dish. Cooked over low coals, the taut skin of the vegetable collapses, the flesh takes on a mild smoky flavor, and when pureed with olive oil and lemon juice, the eggplant turns silky.”

Next time you hit the grocery store, pick up an eggplant and experiment with your barbeque. You might discover a new dish that is tasty AND healthy.


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  1. Lisa Williams Says:

    I have two white eggplants growing in my garden right now.

    Actually this part of “my garden” is technically on public property — I plant the grassy strips on my sidewalk with vegetables too. So far no one has noted the eggplants. I’m hoping to keep them out there a few more days, and then eat them!

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