Career Sabatoge Via Donuts

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Mary, from fitfemme, opened up in the locker room with a woman who had lost eight pounds in just a couple of weeks. Her secret:

Don’t eat the donuts at work.

They discusses the behavior of coworkers who bring fatty and sugary treats to work every day and came to an interesting conclusion:

“The colleague replied that she had a family member who worked at Krispy Kreme, so she got a discount–and then she added that perhaps by eating lots of doughnuts some of the older workers would vacate their jobs more quickly and create promotional opportunities for the younger ones.”

They’re not only trying to sabatoge your diet, they are trying to sabatoge your life. Next time you see a box of treats in the break room, pass them by. They’re not worth your waistline or your life.


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  1. Ernie Says:

    The hardest part about my workplace is the availability of food. They bring lunches in for mid-day meetings. They bring donuts, muffins and bagels in for morning meeting. And then there is The Wall of Chocolate.

    Allow me to explain.

    The Wall of Chocolate: This monument to eating consists of shelves and shelves of candy bars and other snack products that are there for the purchasing as well as two refrigerators and one freezer filled with goodies.

    But wait, there’s more.

    If you forget your wallet or purposely leave your money behind, you can purchase things on credit. Yes, that’s right folks…you simply need to write down the item that you gobbled up in a frenzy on the little ledger you have there and pay later. They call it the “honor system”. I call it the “helps me binge even at work where I thought I was safe system”.

    And, once a month, there is a Cake Day. With the proceeds from The Wall of Chocolate, the company purchases three large cakes (enough for everyone to have at least three pieces) and the encourage everyone to come together and celebrate the birthdays for the month. Ok, celebrating birthdays are fine. I’m down with that, but that’s a lot of cake!

    Couldn’t we just mash a bad of Famous Amos cookies, add some whole milk to help form it into a slab then cover it with M&Ms (plain, peanut or dark chocolate) and use a cheese stick as a candle on top? Or maybe a frozen ice cream sandwich set atop a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup, sprinkled with peanuts? Add some Doritos and a fully caffeinated, fully sugared Mountain Dew.

    You have GOT to love that workplace food.

  2. iportion Says:

    That’s so sad people want to hurt other people.

  3. Mary Weaver Says:

    Laura, if I didn’t thank you a couple of years ago for linking to my blog, let me thank you now.

    my blog has a new home now:


    old URL:


    thanks, Mary

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